1. Australian survivor showing strong with female winners

  2. Don’t even ask flick or Nina anything

  3. Just airlift to the crappy parking lot next to itd look right at home

  4. Yeah wasn’t as much the ref as the bunker with not calling those calls right

  5. Up the warriors it was gritty but it was a win

  6. Simon working from where he works best the power bottom position

  7. Poor pup Simon probably time to put him out of his misery

  8. Is Kayo being laggy af for anyone else

  9. Kayo keeps shiting the bed anyone else have issues

  10. Simon still here for the comedy golf so yay

  11. It’s giving Tarzan and Rocky vibes

  12. That’s the only hero right there joining the villains smh

  13. Send heroes to tribal for screen time


  15. Please lord and Heavenly Father do not take our Stevie from us please

  16. Mimi is try and object to Paige wrestling her

  17. people mad at george for splitting the vote??? like that isn't the smartest move ?

  18. We’re no mad about that we’re he did it to sweet Stevie

  19. God if George first boot he and i will cry

  20. Also happens in 1994 with bastion booger at 25 didn’t show cause of food poisoning

  21. So.... Where is Rey Misterio?? He didnt get eliminated yet

  22. Actual solid ending and unique elimination

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