Lost all on the market & I work real estate both dead starting the year with missing my mortgage payment. How do I tell my wife and kids

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  1. Looks interesting. Keep going and create all the content you like.

  2. Is there anything that practically 100% of men naturally have that is considered unmasculine lmao

  3. It's really weird how people seem to argue that the number of sex partners don't matter. It absolutely does. Diseases are real. It's simply unsafe to sleep with that many people. Statistically speaking, she's probably had several stds in her life. Some remain even after being remedied, and some you can never get rid of. Some destroy your ability to have kids, or healthy kids. It's absolute madness from a safety standpoint. Man or woman - if you've had that much sex with that many people you HAVE contracted something. The worst part is, I can assure you folks who do this aren't honest and therefore spread that around because .... hey as long as they get what they want amirite?

  4. Recently had this happen to me. They claimed it was due to a book cover and title (they recently changed book titling, so I guess there's a push to remove certain words from titles). The problem is...the book that supposedly got my account terminated had already been blocked by Amazon and therefore I couldn't have reacted to their emails even if I had gotten them.

  5. That Republicans in America try to spiral/tank the economy each time they gain office so that they can assume control of the government and turn everyone in America into financial slaves forever more.

  6. I tried using math.ceil instead of rounding, it seems to work now.

  7. The only changes I've made are to 1) update to Ren'py 8 a couple of weeks ago and 2) add allow_underfull True to the VPgrid

  8. I knew this would happen as soon as they started hiring gatekeepers into important positions.

  9. We aren’t protected from bad people, however those situations are avoidable by setting your boundaries from the beginning and saying that you’d prefer a cheap restaurant or splitting the bill before the date. If she’s upset that’s a good reason to cancel the date

  10. Sounds dangerously close to victim blaming. I doubt this advice would work if used in reverse for women who want to avoid narcissists. The truth is many women do this and quite often...as many men can attest.

  11. I don’t think so. I’d advise anyone to use common sense and protect their interests and boundaries regardless of their sex. Every person needs to develop this skill of saying no to people who try to use their kindness, else they will struggle a lot in life. It doesn’t apply to things like rape/abuse/robbery since the victim can’t do something about that, but it’s not the same situation when you can’t say no to paying someone’s dinner or tell before the date that you want a woman who’s mature enough to pay for herself. This is how dating works I thought. You tell what do you expect from your potential partner and they either like it or not.

  12. What you're saying sounds reasonable, and that's how I can tell you probably don't date much. And, if you do you aren't dealing with walking sociopaths. An ideals versus reality type of situation, the reality is there are a staggering number of women who have absolutely no problem projecting their past issues on unsuspecting men. They are also very good at weaponizing societal or social norms because they feel slighted. I think it's not a good idea to compare crimes to devalue their behavior in this instance. Accountability is the remedy, not shifting responsibility to the man (as is traditionally done, and also what you seem to be doing).

  13. Hom factory says package seems to be invalid Any fixes?

  14. Ridiculous, they should’ve gone to the mat on that one. I hope the victims families sued his estate and got all that settlement money.

  15. ofc there's a recession. There's ALWAYS a recession after money hungry republiCONS rob the country blind for 4-8 years. It's a pattern and it's purposeful, they want to crash the economy so that they can take over by monopolizing all the resources. It's forced slave labor for everyone then baby. That is, unless you're a hot intern who likes cocaine fueled orgies with 60-80 yr old men. :4275:

  16. https://twitter.com/roresu_/status/1592262394239389697

  17. I did google search the artist, I just didn't find it. Image search revealed nothing for me.

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