1. If you take a passage whose entire point is, “You all sin, so don’t judge/condemn one another,” and pull out two sentences for the purposes of condemning someone else, then that is not “stating God’s word”, it is misunderstanding the entire point of God’s word.

  2. For me, it was a transformation in my whole way of interacting with the world, especially women. Before, I had always felt lonely and incomplete and I had bought into society’s ideas:

  3. Each of them thinks the other is wrong. Someday we’ll find out. Meanwhile I’m a lot more comfortable on the side of binding up the broken-hearted and feeding the lambs than on the side of tying up heavy burdens for others without personally lifting a finger. Scripture says by the same measure you use, it will be measured to you. So I’ll stick to dishing out grace and love and acceptance as opposed to dishing out harsh judgment and condemnation.

  4. I think the body cameras are a good idea. It is a shame we so rarely see the body camera footage in cases where the officer is vindicated, however. Guess those don’t drive the clicks the same way.

  5. Unfortunately, this appears to be it. No one seems to be living there, but there’s been no new construction since November.

  6. I guess I was just thinking the title communicated the essential information without being overly wordy. “My friend’s house had a nice, unimpaired view for many years, up until 2020 when construction began on this new house in front, culminating a couple of months ago in the completion of an extremely ugly upper floor that leaves them with no view at all” just isn’t as punchy.

  7. From Love Actually, Liam Neeson is talking about struggles following the death of his wife. Emma Thompson reassuringly takes his hand and says, “This was always going to be a totally shit time.” We loved that and quoted it often. We felt like it validated our own various struggles and gave us permission to (often) just barely be getting by in all the ways that manifests.

  8. I read the book after losing my daughter and loved that they talked about grief and a baby that died. I felt that for once this topic wasn't ignored. I haven't watched the movie, the book is really good and much easier to ignore the pregnancy.

  9. I can totally see that and I agree. To me the issue in the movie was seeing the images. There they were, all happy and optimistic setting up the nursery. There they were in the hospital after the accident. There was her flat belly after they took the baby. Seeing all that stuff played out in front of me just took me all the way back into those moments even though our first loss was 15 years ago. I think sometimes with a book a have a little bit easier time maintaining detachment.

  10. We do all that stuff on your list. Snuggling helps my wife get to sleep, so this morning around 4 a.m. when we were both awake, she asked me to snuggle her back to sleep, which I did. Later we both woke up again, and she’s been wanting to see the sunrise (her friend keeps telling her how beautiful they are this time of year), so we went and did that and held hands. Tonight she took me to a movie and the theater has “couples seating”: the seats are in reclining pairs with an armrest that folds away in between, so I leaned over onto her seat, she draped her legs over me, and I wrapped my arm around her waist. That’s how we sat for the whole movie. We’re coming up on 20 years married, and we always try to take every chance to prioritize investing in each other and quality time together. We’ve seen too many of our friends start taking each other for granted and growing apart. We want to do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen to us.

  11. personally, i remember the 3rd/4th years being some of the hardest.

  12. Yes, this just happened to me. At Christmas, my brother-in-law came to visit. He arrived on Christmas Eve, stayed the night with us, and left the next day around 2 p.m. My wife told me he was leaving in a huff because he was upset, but he didn’t seem upset to me; I thought he just wanted to get started on his three-hour drive home.

  13. Learning your partner’s love language is a real thing. My wife’s is “acts of service”, mine is “physical touch”. Both of us have “quality time” as well. So I make an effort to surprise her with ways I’ve done things around the house. She makes sure to brush her hand against mine anytime we’re casually passing by each other. And we sneak in little dates, like taking 20 minutes to grab coffee together in the middle of the workday. The important thing is, love your spouse in the way that speaks to them, even if it’s not the way that’s most instinctive to you.

  14. This is basically us as well. Any thoughts on helpful acts of service besides from keeping the house tidy? I work from home so I try to do that already.

  15. If you’re like us, then most likely you have jobs that are “her“ jobs and jobs that are “your” jobs. In our marriage, “my” jobs are letting the chickens out, taking out the trash, picking up the dog poop, doing the dishes, etc. “Hers” are making coffee, doing laundry, feeding and watering the chickens, etc. We never formally agreed on these, it’s just that over the years we’ve each gravitated towards things that we don’t mind so much and away from things that we really don’t like. So, jobs that are a nice surprise for her are ones that I’ve done that are normally “hers”.

  16. I guess I’m not following… What’s to be extremely upset about?

  17. How many Americans are willing to die in a nuclear war over the Donbass?

  18. If Russia starts dropping nukes in wars of acquisition, it shouldn’t take a military genius to see that the implications of that, and the threat it represents to U.S. interests worldwide, goes way beyond the Donbass. That is the reason things would almost certainly escalate.

  19. It sounds like you may have bought in to an overly legalistic brand of the faith. If Christ bought anything with his sacrifice on the cross, it is grace and redemption. Where is the grace for yourself? We have Christians living every day in second marriages even though no less a person than Christ himself said that is adultery, yet most of them are simply living in humble gratitude for having been given a second chance. But without grace, they should be beating themselves up every day for their “ongoing lifestyle of sin.” Genuine Christian faith is good news; there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1), yet your brand of faith sounds like all self-condemnation all the time. Possibly you need to make a change in your circumstances, because legalistic faith communities who reduce Christian faith to a list of rules without grace do exist, but they aren’t the full embodiment of the gift that Christ came to give us. They are missing a very important— perhaps the most important— piece.

  20. I switched to “legalistic religious leaders of Jesus’s time” for this exact reason some years ago. The Talmud identifies seven different types of Pharisees, and is just as critical of certain types as Jesus was. But there are several positive types as well, and one of those is the branch of Pharisee from which all modern day Judaism is descended. So using the term “Pharisee” in a purely negative sense throws the baby out with the bath water in a very important sense.

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  22. Dems like to play to their base and “run up the score” in states they’re already going to win, but that’s not how you become president. There couldn’t be a more perfect illustration of remarks that are popular with the urban base but tone deaf in the rest of the country than Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” but the mindset behind it is pretty common. Dems would rather win an unofficial national popularity contest than the actual election.

  23. I almost always vote for a few Democrats. Sometimes the Democrat seems like the better candidate, especially for jobs that are largely administrative rather than political. Sometimes the Republican candidate just strikes me as an a**hole. I’ve never been the kind of voter who will support a poor candidate just because of the letter they have next to their name.

  24. My wife got me a wall hanging engraved with all our family member’s names, living and dead. It’s like a little family tree that doesn’t make any distinction about who is still with us and who is already gone. I love it because one of the major sources of grief is the way that the entire existence of our angel babies often gets trivialized, so this is a permanent recognition of their existence and importance. I keep it right next to the bed and sometimes say goodnight to all our little people before I go to sleep.

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