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  1. Use aqua seal and a pill bottle and a brick. Take your time, make it a clean job.

  2. There ain’t no shame when you’re drinking and ridin. I have pissed off my board many times ai night on the trail on my way home from the pub. there’s a dog out there that is absolutely fucking amazed at how long this mystery human relieved himself. I’m a Neanderthal, I’m fine with it.

  3. Bring condoms from ur own country. Size problems. And also get foot massage every chance u can. Best damn thing ever. Enjoy, be kind, know the scams before they happen. Lower ur head a bit when talking to grandma. Show respect, it will make for better experience overall. And finally, fullmoon, smoke joints while standing in the surf so when the cops come to extort and arrest u it gets dropped in surf and they are sssoooo pissed. We just shake heads and laugh. They all wear pants and now they are wet for the nite for nothing. Bastards lol

  4. Damn, I bought $50 of tomato plants, planted across two plots. Multiple heirlooms. So far I've only eaten 4 tomatoes. The rest all were eaten by various critters, or never grew big enough and now the weed grass is about the same height.

  5. U can save money by watching all the beginners vids on youtube. Then u will be advanced in gear and theory knowledge. U can start on kite ground skills if instructor sees you are ready. It will change ur life bro. Welcome to the addiction

  6. I choose to live on the island. All of FL is sketchy these days. But I find beach peops care for each others shit a bit more. But it aaaaint cheap. Butt in sand, drink in hand.. but thats just me. Good luck!

  7. You are in FL, I would file a complaint with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. They may be able to go after that dealership.

  8. My house burned down 15 yrs ago from this exact scenario. I touch plugs n things to see if the slowly building heat regularly. Fuck insurance as its a scam.

  9. CPS only makes things worse. The kid needs thereapy and compassion, not CPS. tough situation.

  10. Lost my tortie at 20. Miss her every day. So sorry bro. Took 2 yrs before i could consider another member of the family. Black barrel Jameson irish whisky helped the first few weeks. She is not in pain anymore. No more pain.

  11. Yep, our was a red brick. To not be lost. And carrying it is obvious u have it.

  12. Told by who? Some bubba park ranger? Go to a higher up and “get it in writing “. They back down sometimes due to the legal action you are setting up. No one likes skaters and we are in that category by default. I have gotten my town to this compromise. Its not lawful to ride in the greenway but if town gets a complaint then the onewheel can be trespassed. Seems fair, tourists get froggy I’m just trying to get to work n grocery. If u trespass me, as a 45 yr old business owner taking a car off the road, ebikes are gone too. Go down fighting, involve newspaper if u can. Fire dept in morehead city NC has them for the job now.

  13. Got a lot of people, who’ve never posted here before, coming in and providing 5-word sentences to trash the quality of a truck that hasn’t even been out for a year yet.

  14. Well spoken, if anybody wants to brag about the good points I am all ears I’m having trouble finding anything but trolls. Thanks in any case.

  15. Hell yeah, it’s in better shape than mine. 17 grand though huh? I guess inflation.hmm

  16. This some dumb shit. Did you buy a very sharp kitchen knife and then cut your own hand off because you used it improperly? Well you sir are a dumb ass and I wanna sue that company and get you paid. Murika

  17. Oh noes my coffee burned me… let’s sue folgers, and coffee mate, and Jeff Bezos. 😂. We ride a dangerous toy, there are disclaimers because of this, people ride without pads on their own accord, take responsibility for your own actions…

  18. If it wasn’t dangerous it wouldn’t be sexy or fun. It’s technology that shouldn’t exist, there should be a good Samaritan law or some bullshit lol. I took my car off the road for three tourist seasons other than groceries and hurricanes. helping the system, driving home drunk on my own accord.

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