1. Oh wowwwww! Ugh my inner child is telling me I need at least Sonic.... that was the very first video game I ever played 😭

  2. Thank you so much! I love it too, and I cant believe how perfectly Maritza matches with it. So much serotonin 🥰

  3. I love love love that new highland cow! I cant tell, is it a 16" or a 12"? I cant have any more 16" 😭

  4. Soooo cute, cant wait to see these! I'm gonna be on the hunt for that little leopard 🥺

  5. It was so hard to not bring home Avery or Alfred, and the new holiday Cam and Manny the snowman were also very tempting! Unfortunately I'm under a strict saving policy at the moment lol. I passed up the little elf last year so I was happy to see her again, as well as little Carol with the Santa hat! So cute. Christmas isnt really my thing so i tried to not go too crazy. I had to really dig to find a Cheshire cat with acceptable quality.. they did him dirty! So happy to have the set though.

  6. I'm interested in lil Pilar! I have a couple things you might be interested in!

  7. Thank you for the free serotonin, I needed that 🖤

  8. I have the bear capsule, interested to see what you have uft! May be willing to let him go

  9. Chewie and grogu are no longer available! Heidi the husky is also gone.

  10. Yes please! I've been hoping to get one for a long time

  11. I have sophie clip and can add for Belana. I have a trade post up! Also have more not pictured

  12. I have a trade post up! Interested in Yuri and maybe Benny. Willing to bundle, i also have an Easter Maribel clip

  13. I have the meerkat (gracia) clip, 10" Monica hug mee, and other clips uft! Interested in Malcom clip

  14. I think the mystery scented bags are more expensive than the little 5 below ones... but if you both think its fair then go for it!! If not, maybe you can add 1 more thing she likes:)

  15. Oooo I want the goat! And maybe the plant for my mama

  16. I have 8" Franny uft! Interested in zozo clip and dawn clip :)

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