1. I bought a switch to play Zelda and I played for about an hour and couldn't get to grips with the controls 😅

  2. Better print 1000 of them, lighters always seem to never get given back or they just disappear

  3. I would say just use what you like the "feel" of. Apparently the Adar is trash but I really like using it

  4. Keeping in mind that you're trying to set the spacing to zero when Z = 0, any thickness will work as long as the z height is set to that height while leveling.

  5. I am using some firmware that has a leveling code, there is some confusion to me about leveling and z offset during leveling as multiple sources say conflicting things about setting z offset to the shim you use to level or don't. I shall give it a go next time I can and see if I can get my first layer down perfect

  6. The gauge that came with my CR10S Pro V2 is .2mm. It seems to be the correct height when I get everything leveled properly.

  7. Mid journey I believe, he talks about it alot in the most recent forehead fables

  8. In my experience, the fire bricks are a little unnecessary behind ceramic wool, I use regular bricks so long as ceramic wool is covering them. However DO seal the ceramic wool. Very important

  9. The firebricks sit in front of the wool, I really wish I could post a picture. I also posted in

  10. Try uploading pics to Imgur (as private is okay) and posting direct links here.

  11. There are new generations of wool that give off hardly any fibres. If you have these i guesse this is safe but i still wouldn't dare use it without rigidiser and refractory.

  12. Also we were trying to use standard brick sizes for easy replacement and couldn't come up with a way to support the bricks over the roof of the forge

  13. just lay it across the top lenghtwise? Might need to cut some bricks short then for the floor idk.

  14. Yea we may try that in future but we shall see how this goes

  15. What printer? Did you change anything before printing or that's just straight out of the box?

  16. It's an ender 3 v2, pretty much just levelled the bed to a decent degree( I think a decent degree anyway 😂) and slapped it in prusa slicer with pretty much standard settings

  17. Yeah that's actually absolutely insane considering I spent 2 weeks everyday tuning and researching how to get anything near descent with my ender 3. Had to return it. Got a SV01, first print out of that was perfect.

  18. Some of the layer have a few iffy bits but overall pretty happy considering I didn't do anything to slicer setting or anything

  19. They feel harder to kill, don't know why but it feels like you can dump loads of bullets in them and they continue to run about. Maybe I'm a terrible shot but it still feels like they are healthier

  20. Not a bug. Both blacked out heads and thoraxes cannot be fixed in raid. Any time your head/thorax blacks out you have a chance of death and if you take any more damage on any other blacked limb, you will instantly die.

  21. Was absolutely terrifying, what was supposed to be a shootout picnic task run became a get me to the nearest extract run 😂

  22. I thought this was the best time to get good at pvp on factory and it is...but Killa is royally fucking me up

  23. I’m the opposite soon as a hear gunfire me and the boys are sprinting towards it

  24. This being my first wipe, at about 140 hours so far. I hear gunshots..."hmmm must've been the wind"

  25. lol. That’s smart. You’ll hate the game more when you only pvp. You’ll see all the flaws when you pvp a lot.

  26. Give it a few thousand hours and I might run towards the gunshots but until then I'm going to enjoy having serotonin

  27. French flag is smaller than the union jack as it should be

  28. One thing I wish you could do, is set the daily reset timer. Most players have gotta work during the day and only get chance to play in the evening and weekends. I dunno maybe it's a dumb idea, 24 hours is 24 hours I guess

  29. I can't and wouldn't donate because I'm poor, not even 2 mill roubles to my name and a level 2 stash 😂

  30. You lucky bugger, I need one arm so I can continue with gunsmith. Mind you, can't do any quests at the moment.

  31. I would love to donate but at level 20 with 2.5k mil roubles to my name, I wouldn't even scratch the surface

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