Sen. Rand Paul Told To 'Get F**ked' During Virtual Town Hall

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  1. I had a horrible interview experience with Tessera, seemed really disorganized among various groups and management was clueless. Director of the group I was interviewing with skipped multiple 1 on 1s with me without notice until finally telling me over a month later of silence they decided to move on with another candidate. Maybe it was the group but I would avoid. I don't have much faith in their science or their management.

  2. Had a horrible interview experience as well. Basically kept asking me about what my skillsets were, which were already on my resume. Couldn't get anything out of him about what the company is actually doing, and I had to just go in with blind faith. They wanted to build out a department that was structured similar to an academic institution with little to no collaborative teamwork, which raised some huge red flags.

  3. Have something potentially lined up in RTP, but having some serious doubts if I want to live there. It seems moreso for people that are settled, and not so much for a single guy in their late 20's with no connections there. Anyone in the area comment on how it is living wise? Anything fun to do? How is it making friends?

  4. Woah I haven’t seen a Maz deba. Sweet 🤙

  5. saw them in stock at knives and stones! profile looks really unique, especially with the tapered handle

  6. Oh really? I just checked on my magnetic rack and it’s fine

  7. Congrats! Looks very nimble. Is that the 150mm petty? I have one arriving tomorrow :)

  8. Indeed! It’s quickly becoming my go to knife in my kit

  9. Cancelling is a nightmare on the chase portal, and talking to their customer service is even worse. Took me 3 hours to try to get it cancelled and to get a PDF saying how much travel credit I have

  10. I'm in my last year of a medicinal chemistry PhD and looking to get into pharma RnD. One thing I'm having trouble with when planning for interviews is salary expectations. Obviously I can't compare it to my current salary (25k stipend lol) and it will be location dependent, but is there a good strategy to get an estimate of what I should ask for? The vast majority of positions I'm looking at don't give a salary range beyond "competitive salary". I have a pretty strong CV in academia terms but not sure how much of an impact publications, patents and scholarships/awards will impact industry prospects if at all. I'm looking mostly in the Boston area right now.

  11. H1b database isn't a bad place to start for salaries. Probably looking at Scientist level roles for most companies

  12. Philadelphia. Urban, progressive, center of medical research (Penn, Temple, Jefferson), waves of new immigrants and very affordable.

  13. Crime is high though, and infrastructure is pretty bad. High city taxes as well.

  14. Violent crime per capita in philly is actually below the median of the most populous US cities, and def below LA, NYC and Chicago.

  15. Lot in PD, AD. Looking more in gene editing R&D

  16. Process development and analytical development

  17. Looks super warped…. May have occurred during shipment, but definitely contact Aron at K&S. The customer service is top notch.

  18. Originally was interviewing for a senior scientist position, stated up front in my pre screen calls I would not want to make a lateral transition. HR called back a day after the interview and said they can only offer me a scientist position, about 20k less pay.

  19. All depends, kind of the reflection of the personality. I've seen people in my department wear anything from business casual to a three piece suit. In the US, but maybe don't go for a tuxedo or full formal white tie.

  20. Had the same question, Fante’s has some, and kitchen kapers in rittenhouse does as well for your typical brands. Selection isn’t that great overall in the city, but they’ve got some white steel Japanese knives at kitchen kapers.

  21. Thank you for the post! Got myself a yoshikane 240mm white #2 gyuto and the 210mm seilan, gonna have some fun and see how different they are.

  22. Got pre-approved for a CSP, thinking of using it for mainly dining and groceries for now, and racking up the points to use for travel later. Only credit card now is a BoA preferred rewards on a platinum multiplier. Monthly expenses are really low, at about ~$500 not including rent, but any ideas on how to hit that 4000 in 3 months? Really want to take advantage of that 100k points offer before it gets lowered.

  23. Yes I am coming as a post doc to Thomas Jefferson. I just want to know that do the ones on J1 visa have to pay FICA tax? I saw on the website that they are exempted from it. Plus, is there a similar benefits website for Thomas Jefferson?

  24. Jeez I have to say that’s pretty low for a post doc. NIH standard in life sciences is around 50k or so

  25. FFS I make more than OP with just a BS and experience. It’s hard out here in academia

  26. cashed out my chips too. academia these days just doesn't make too much sense for the long term

  27. Graduating with a masters in biomedical sciences soon. Struggling with trying to find a entry level job in industry. I have lab experience with mainly ELISA, some pcr . My interest is within immunology and infectious diseases but I’m open to anything because I’d love to gain new skills. But finding a job I’m even qualified for seems so hard. Looking primarily in the Boston area. Any advice? Should I reach out to recruiters? How do I even do that haha?

  28. I'd just start applying via linkedin, maybe look into analytical development roles that are utilizing ELISA's a lot. If you're not strictly looking within Boston, there are roles at other hubs that are also hiring.

  29. Yeah I’m open to move anywhere. What exactly are analytical developmental roles like? Mostly lab work?

  30. Mostly lab work, bench work helping to support some of the preclinical work. There's also QC, which is more in support of manufacturing and all.

  31. apologies if i'm hijacking, but does anyone have a lead on good tsukumen (dipping ramen) in the city?

  32. Guys we should be taking the high ground. This is very immature, and I am just kidding. rand paul can fuck right off.

  33. had us at the first half not gonna lie

  34. I lived in Philly my entire life, then moved to Pittsburgh for school. And then I stayed there because of the job opportunities available to me.

  35. That's a great suggestion, I'll use up some PTO and give Boston a visit and see.

  36. Desperate for some consolation, I’ve told myself that it’s probably profoundly mentally ill people acting this way on the street. Worse than I thought.

  37. Its something I’ve been thinking about a lot, being Asian American. Wonder if it’s altogether easier just to pack up shop and move to somewhere like Singapore. Even after the election the rhetoric from from both sides is as strong as ever, and the racism in this country has been fully exposed. I’d say the strongest asset you have is a community, and building it up to fight against this.

  38. Ha ha, if you live in the city, especially with a car, snow sucks. Be careful what you wish for.

  39. I’ve seen that, but I think I’d like to live in the city and utilize the public transit and just walk. Is it especially bad getting around when it’s snowing?

  40. If you work for a decent place you’ll have the day off. If it’s real bad the governor just says all essential people must stay home. I’m a teacher so I always have off when it snows and don’t have to deal with it. Plus I have a garage where I live. Apartment prices are just starting to go back up so sooner would be cheaper than waiting. Plus in the fall all the students come back and fill up the apartments too.

  41. Ah good to know, I’ve just heard horror stories of my friends in med school who had to drudge through the snow after the T stopped running xD

  42. Sorry to put the mood down, but I'm in a bit of a bad place personally. Working at a job in R&D in Philly and am about a year in. Came straight out of doing my PhD. The job is ok, but one thing I really didn't take into account was how bad my network was in the area. Literally no one I know lives here, and I have no connections. Been socially isolated and going out of my mind in this city. Sucks too that my coworkers are mostly married with kids or commuting into the city, so finding friends within the company isn't really easy. I've gone home straight from work every day, try to find things on the weekend to do by myself but I'm in a really bad state mentally. I'm just feeling down all the time, and can't think of ways to get out of the situation I'm in. I'm honestly thinking of just packing up and moving out to Boston or SF, which are both really hot in terms of jobs in the field I am in now. I know the high COL is something that may be a shock to me, but literally everyone that's graduated from my university has gone to either city. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Sorry, if I'm ranting, but I am really hitting a dead end.

  43. Would love this, but not sure how much gundam the boys have actually seen.

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