1. Yes it has had its issues in some fairly common edge cases, but in this instance, what is being mentioned is an Nvidia problem stemming from decisions Nvidia made.

  2. Biggest issue of wayland is you need to mod the shit out of apps to make them run reasonably with wayland if they even can and you anyway end up using Xwayland for the rest...

  3. I'm more curious what mehascript is.

  4. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=drive+hardware+encryption+vulnerabilities

  5. That page is not google and leads to very scatchy redirects. For sure not a reliable source.

  6. Well then, you could like actually use Google or whatever. Not too hard to find.

  7. I'm not sure it is me or what, but wayland with sway uses +300MiB RAM than X11 with i3 after boot. Xwayland is disabled and not running, I checked. I don't get the difference.

  8. Congrats on the 2nd child, seems like you like to play the life on hard difficulty. Anyway, I accept your offer for free game. ;)

  9. Nice. Some rough edges and missed oportunities lyrics-wise and missing story telling but...

  10. I want to get back into RE, but i played Biohazard, got to the part where you are sitting at the table with the family at the start. They all leave, i book it down the hallway BAM the father comes busting through the fuckin wall. I uninstalled as soon as alt+f4 finished lol. Should i give it another go and just tough it out? Is it a really enjoyable game? I did enjoy the old RE games as a kid.

  11. I had exactly the same issue. New REs have these hallway minibosses who are there to scare the shit out of you, but at some point they got from scare to annoying very quickly to me. Anyway, once you know how to deal with father, game "unlocks" (you still need to deal with this shit further on, but you know what to do at that point. probably that's why they put father so early in the game)

  12. This is "blip" in "oldspace" measures. I think it is fair to call it setback in "newspace" measures.

  13. I suspect that most, if not all, of the raptors will need to be swapped out, and significant plumbing repair in and around the OLM. But I think it will turn out that B7 is still structurally sound, since it's designed to take strong force from the underside

  14. Don't downvote thus guy. It is pribably faster to replace then fix in place.

  15. I had the same. I uninstalled all nvidia bloat first. Followed Arch Wiki installing AMD drivers. Started steam, wasn't working. I installed something more and then it worked. Just follow Arch Wiki and you should get there. EDIT: Noticed your update. You brought rocket launcher to fist fight.

  16. Just read the article....

  17. I have yet to have an issue, after years of doing this. And if I did, reverting back to a pre-pacman snapshot is easy with btrfs. I feel like vanilla Arch has a much worse reliability reputation than it deserves.

  18. It's not matter of how hard it is to fix, it is matter of how bad timing it can be.

  19. Then I guess it's a great thing I haven't encountered a problem in the years I've been doing it. Really been living on the edge by updating my software, y'know - surprised I haven't blown anything up yet.

  20. You do you, no problem, I'm even tempted to try your method on my personal PC (I would never do this on work machine). What I'm trying to say, I had these cases when I haven't boot up after the update, then I had to reach out for live USB only to find out there is none nearby, road to shop to buy USB stick and then had to start another PC to download and make live USB to boot to execute 5 commands... I learned my lessons: always having dedicated live USB nearby, timing update so I have time to fix if an issue occurs and last but not least, simple fixes can take much more than you are anticipating.

  21. Never bought a game more expensice than 30 EUR. Very rarely I buy game at Launch, did it like 2 timee in the past, both Valve games. Always waiting for good discounts.

  22. For those using grub - why not just EFI boot directly and skip the bootloader altogether? Are you guys building large/elaborate menus for booting many different OS's? I'm genuinely curious.

  23. I keep multiple kernels. Grub makes it easy to select one or another.

  24. Not sure where you work or what you do for work. I work for hours on end in a tech job that’s highly demanding. There are days I have back to back meetings where I literally work 8-9hours straight. The days I’m coding I get lost in my thoughts and then it’s midnight. I think I’d be upset with a forced break. Anyone else? Not a bad idea just not sure it would work for everyone.

  25. Breaks should be mandatory. You need to refocus your retina, move your neck, move your back, stretch legs, drink water, ... There is physical health and mental health and if you and your body are not balanced, bad things happen in the end.

  26. This sounds crazy but breaks were easier when I worked from an office. Remote work has kind of made things more of a pain. There is no separation from work and home. On a positive note, I have a treadmill desk so I work standing or walking most of the day. Used to be on Fitbit and people asked me if I ran all day 😂. When I feel anxiety creeping up or that I’m clenching my jaw a lot I usually try to walk off. The jaw tension usually leads to a brutal headache. Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts.

  27. What worked for me: separate your work time and free time, even at home. Limit your work to 8h a day (if possible), more only if really really needed. Set hard limit when you finish your work day (17:00 or something). Separate your work and chill machine. If you are limited to 1 machine, have separate OSes. If you can't have separate OSes, have separate users with different themes and backgrounds.

  28. Looks great. But what about the name? When I read it, I read "lab toilet"!!!!

  29. Perfect name for shitty composer... I will show myself door.

  30. All I want is Diablo. And maybe WC3, though idk if it's been fixed.

  31. For browsing, I use Firefox. For work, I use Chrome, becuase it has better developer tools.

  32. I watched the intel guy in LTT podcast and the intel guy says there, something like, yes it will be open. (timestamped link here or

  33. A3xx seems to have power of intel iGPU packed in dGPU. This series is for office PCs. No matter what graphical API. Let's see for A5xx and A7xx dGPUs. Also, whatever the intel guy said, he seemed to be a salesman to me, so whatever he said, no matter how much sense it seems to make, take it with a grain of salt until real benchmarks. (note: haven't watched the whole videos, I skipped through them) edit: grammar

  34. Not Awesome user, but nice themes. Maybe also make one screenshot per theme with terminal and/or browser window open. (maybe it is pointless, idk, does awesome even have gaps between windows?)

  35. Absolutely correct, just didn't want to make the ReadMe too long, but I will add few there then link to a gallery/album on imgur for the rest.

  36. Maybe also add references for used themes and the desktop wallpapers.

  37. Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. I love the music that plays and it's a really good trailer, too bad the game isn't.

  38. Trailer was top notch. Game, that is story for other time.

  39. Despite how it turned out, the reveal trailer for Dead Island is still one of the greatest trailers ever made imo.

  40. I consider Dead Island 2 E3 trailer even better.

  41. Upvoting, wanting to see how this gets solved.

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