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  1. People are still saying they cater to DPS? Maybe I'm not super active here, but mostly I just see is questionable doomfist buff ideas, supports used about being focused out, and Moira being a 3rd dps

  2. Since Edgar has white in his identity, I'd probably look into [[Land Tax]] since it quietly let's you fix your mana whenever you fall behind until the turn you catch back up. Maybe [[Revel In Riches]] to take advantage of treasure tokens

  3. Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Escort mission? Oh she can handle herself, and she's going to keep handing you cash and ammo.

  4. If they made that only hit one target, maybe. But with Dooms multi hit potential that just wouldn't end well. Honestly if they just made the block a full defense and heck, maybe a wide shockwave kind of shield so he can actually defend his teammates to an extent. In open queue he's pretty good as there's typically another tank, but in role queue, he just functions as poor aggro bait with no way to bail any of the defensive options other tanks offer. Even Junker Queen at least has a rally ability

  5. Well they're definitely going to witness something alright

  6. Given Orisa's story, I'd assume she would be an amazing parent. Doom would kinda concern me though. Guys way too into war

  7. That's actually what epics usually were like. Only complaint I have is everything in the shop is twice as much as I'd even slightly consider buying.

  8. To be fair, they were basically the guy who did 90% of the project while the rest of the traitors derped around.

  9. If the ping is set to on, snipers brain privileges are gone

  10. What kind of weird and unusual punishment is this?

  11. Doomfist is still the definition of a character in need of a buff. Even if you squeeze every ounce of value out of him, and put in the effort to get to the meat of his kit, that same amount of effort put into any other tank will net you better results.

  12. Nothing says we are an intelligent govement with great ideas like trying to disinfectant the outside air. There is no way this isn't because one guy said it as a joke and now he's in too deep to admit his was messing with everyone. Ok maybe it's possible someone is dumb enough to try and disinfect the air, but regardless!

  13. Brain, file that under things I wish to unsee

  14. Sigma seems like he's actually a nice guy that would probably be caring, but his mind is way too scattered throughout the whole universe to even be trusted with an oven pizza. Like dude will be mentally in universe quadrant 173, while the Digiorno pizza burns the whole house down.

  15. I'd probably consider it at best lightly played, though probably slightly below that. Tbf though, I know damn well I'm picky lol

  16. If your going to break her back, you better wear a rubber so your floors don't break later

  17. It would make a lot of sense considering "THE UNIVERSE, IT SINGS TO ME" or just dude is putting up with perceiving the entire universe all the time.

  18. Babushka gonna give them heretics a proper whooping

  19. OK gramps, now let me turn on your phone for you since you haven't figured it out yet.

  20. Instead of going to the mountaintop of the giants, she just went to the gas station of the shell

  21. Considering I'm only seeing 10 "sealed box" listing on Ebay, and really have to scroll to even find them. Yeah, they fucked up.

  22. Context: went to get soup for my sick gf during my lunch break. Parking lot is small and only has 10 spaces which were all filled except for this one. As soon as I’m about to pull in, this Karen jumps out of her car (red SUV to the left) and shouts “NUH-UH YOU AREN’T PARKING HERE MY FRIEND IS COMING SOON.” She then proceeds to stand in that position for a good 5 minutes. Luckily a nice couple told me that they were leaving and I could have their spot. By the time I got my soup, Karen was still outside preventing other cars from parking there

  23. Sounds like they were taking the long way there for some P&Q not to deal with her nonsense. Sucks it got in your way though

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