1. Your swollen face is funny. Are you ever tempted to do it again?

  2. The scenery looks totally different in those pictures

  3. My bf and I at the same time: he sounds flamboyant

  4. He dressed like he stole his style from a gay man in Houston

  5. This was a great scene. Mother Pedro took a very mature approach to it and i was pleasantly surprised when she said she was going to butt out at the end because they're two adults

  6. Ummm yes. If you’re sleeping with a married man you’re a mistress. Period. If they are separated and both moving on it’s more understandable even if I personally say it’s still wrong until they are legally divorced. But in any case, yes, you are a mistress or whatever the male version of the word is if you’re sleeping with a married person.

  7. Every time adultery comes up someone always pops up to defend the side piece haha

  8. Yeah I’m not sure how I’m downvoted got stating that sleeping with a married man makes you a mistress. 🤷‍♀️

  9. Because all the side pieces and kids of side pieces get bothered

  10. I find it funny that Lindsey tries to push this “I’m such a badass” with every episode. Sorry, not buying it. She attacked a desk.

  11. Bread sticks & salad are the only things I like there. It's sad bc I used to love it when I was in high school & college a million years ago. After not having gone for many years I went back a cpl weeks ago w my daughter & her friends. It was gross.

  12. She's already been escorting. She dove back into the deep end.

  13. I don't get why she would go back to escorting. Yeah Chazz is icky but is he worse than her clients? And he's shown he's willing to go without sex for a long time while giving her money

  14. Everyone wants to dunk on Pedro but no one wants to compliment Chantel for her quick clap back

  15. Here I am liking Thybulle more or less the same because it’s pretty cringe to hate a guy on your own team

  16. It's pretty cringe to excuse a guy who is a detriment to your team just because he's "in the group". I can tell you were a follower in highschool

  17. I think “Dislike his game” is a bit of an overgeneralization for my perspective.

  18. Hahaha I love the 90 day reference. But people were talking about Eric and his excessive scarves and it reminded me of this TikTok

  19. Does Chantel own any regular clothes like T-shirts anymore? Does everything she wear have look like she is doing a fashion shoot?

  20. I laugh every time Nicole speaks English. Not because it's bad but because it is so much better than Pedro's

  21. Is the line on the back of his head from where they harvested hair for his hairline?

  22. He's high as a kite for sure but can we talk how our man was dripped out with like the scarves and all the shit he had dangling off his outfit. This dude believes he's a rock star.

  23. A former addict told me over-accesorizing is a sign someone is using

  24. Interesting… I’ve never thought or heard of that. Could you explain a little more. Like how does that make it a tell tell sign?

  25. It was a short conversation but he said if a known addict starts adding extra accessories like Johnny Depp and his rings and scarfs, they're probably using again. Didn't explain it further or why

  26. This is so funny. This is one of the few Amy Schumer sketches that should have made a cultural splash. As a society, we need a word to describe these types. It used to be simp but young Gen Z botched it haha. Mike (with Ximena) was a MLady but since no one had the words people upgraded him from pathetic troll to sociopathic homicidal stalker

  27. This was worth the watch. Genuinely funny and she seems to be mostly sober in this

  28. Chazz acts like he got all his dating tips from a middle aged lesbian English teacher in the 80s

  29. Why does Michelle always look like she's on the verge of tears

  30. Ugh the mom invalidating their relationship 😔😔😔🏳️‍🌈

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