Last post and trade for the year fellas. 30k - 450k in a 7 days. It was an honor trading with you degens.

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  1. Och alla retards här kommer fortfarande copa för varför det inte har moonat

  2. This dumpster fire comment section again. SEXISM is not justified just because it's directed at men.

  3. I mean your sugar free aint sugar free either c'mon are we really surprised while crossing this bridge?

  4. Wow, that website and article are shit. I was hoping for reporting, not an editorialized name and shame and nitpick of someone as a person. That's some boomer "We got one, let's find everything we can on her" level bullshit.Yeah, I know she was shitty, but the site linked isn't much better.

  5. It's basically doxxing with extra steps. Which happens frequently. everywhere. Sadge.

  6. Thing is if it ever comes to billions dieing, it sorts itself out... kinda.

  7. You buy dental floss and spend a lot on supplements here in Sweden. That's about it

  8. I will update with q hud and closer zoom-in when I get unbanned, which I think will be reversed after being reviewed by a human instead of a bot. Thanks for all the replies

  9. This comment section is just Americans coping with their own gun problems.

  10. This thread is an actual cancerous moshpit.

  11. Indeed, never ever trust them, always claim that you are not guilty (but avoid directly lying or you could get in trouble.

  12. This is honestly such a bad take. Trust them? The cop is doing their job ticketing people to discourage people from endangering other people on the road.

  13. Man börjar 5 på morgonen, har ingen tid för lunch och ska vara klar innan 5 men kommer troligen hem vid 7 tiden. Vi har bråttom.

  14. Tanky is a balance. If you are losing, more sustain could lead to you surviving more. Losing less cs and dying less.

  15. This can't be real. lol. Employee turnover more like company bellyflop amirite?

  16. No? They think it's not a holiday worth celebrating or are ignorant of its values. This comment reeks race bait.

  17. I can hear the idiots calling this “unbearable socialist nonsense” while the rest of us just think it’s nice to have some protection for labor.

  18. You know even the upper middleclass and entrepreneurs would support things like these due to unclear worker expectations (which is why unions are great and they barter for your salary before you even get the job). People who oppose giving a better working condition has either never worked a day in their life or are pure evil.

  19. Kan någon barmhärtig själ förklara för mig utifrån statistisk, faktuelt och utifrån flera objektiva källor varför vi inte använder mer kärnkraft?

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