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  1. I guess other cars are gaining on you because of slipstream from you.

  2. Thanks for the answer, but I guess It's not just that. I notice that the cars that are like 4-5 seconds behind me starts to get closer as well as I see my lead slowly decreasing.

  3. Hmm. Unless someone else has a better idea, try renting a Viper or Veyron and see if you still face same problem.

  4. Sorry if it doesn't fit the description, but try Polkadot Stingray, they are awesome! My favourite Japanese band by far. Try the song "Telecaster Stripes"

  5. I'm finally graduating as a mechanical engineer this year! And I'm looking forward to play marvel's spider man 2!

  6. No rockstar, valve, or Santa Monica studios? What a shit list

  7. It's just a random pic I got on Google to illustrate, you can choose any studio you like

  8. It's just a random pic I got :P I guess it was some News about a xbox partnership or something. You can actually see the xbox brand on the bottom right

  9. ¿Brasil no hacía lo mismo antes de jugar con Croacia? Que se pusieron a debatir dónde ubicar la sexta estrella.

  10. Sim, inclusive Neymar usou um short com a sexta estrela e postou no Instagram antes da copa começar 🫠🤡

  11. Acho que não... já não lembro bem, mas acho que a maioria não gostou muito. Assim como vcs tem a "mufa" nos temos a "zika", são forças que não se pode brincar kkkkkkkk

  12. Sucks that the game isn’t for you any more, sorry you feel that way. Personally im incredibly happy about the gameplay & most excited I’ve been about the future of Overwatch since 2016

  13. About the 5v5, I agree with u. The game now feels more dynamic. Before, the game was more about barriers and you shooting them half the game. I' excited about the game future as well. Just hope that they fix the monetization.

  14. “You know who else loves the Regular show ”? (Muscle man voice)

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