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  1. Even though some here make decent points I'll give you main advice regardless of what you've shown. You want to use distance and trading with him, when you see a chance to go (OS), take it.

  2. This reminded me of this flash video way back when.

  3. The path of industrial success IS cold and metallic.

  4. As long as I get a spider themed warrior in the end I'm happy. I've already ha-pponashi kumo the web-weaver kensai set and ready

  5. Lust for battle? No. Lust during the battle? Yes. Also i am preety sure i will never reach rep 70 with any character i mostly play to rep 10 get the drip and maybe play them again from time to time

  6. I have a lust for both. And while fashion is nice, the only drip I crave is that of the blood dripping from my blade! But then again ever character is mood for the moment.

  7. My highest rep is 17 on centurion and oh boy that would be a lot of work to get him to 70

  8. Warmonger is (69-20) bp closing in with (68) those to are my love. One for complete lustful power and animosity, the other a calm and chilling resolve to overcome

  9. So... When a uncircumcised penis enters a seed filled vagina, when exiting does it push the remaining seed out and into the forskin pouch? When you pee does get stuck in the foreskin pouch too?

  10. You managed to illustrate my entire hatred for Shaolin in only 17 seconds

  11. The blood trance will not be so easily sweeped under in the nexted match, Have a patience.

  12. This one is now finally woke. The sexiest sounding link as used his scream to bring them to the twilight realm

  13. Speed and tactics are your most powerful tools

  14. But he is just a hero. Who just happens to not be real

  15. Guess I'm getting finger banged by a magic glove?

  16. Meowster chief is the only homie we need

  17. Metgurt prime 4 is gonna be delicious!!

  18. Cause shits don't have eyes! oOOOHHOOooOoh

  19. I'm afraid to play her again... I just can't bring myself to do it.

  20. They were awesome. I just wish I was more into the gameplay. I could only stomach a bit of it.

  21. Weed, man. Weed shit takes into the fractured world of hyrule

  22. Do the campaign with a friend. Then train with friends and do arcade best way to ease into it. And when you're comfortable go into online.

  23. I want to find a way to mod shadow of war with this concept of feirce deity... I'm practically sqealing at the idea!

  24. People comment on how BoTW blows them away.

  25. BOTW is for the young ones. Dazzled by pretty things and over haul of not too relivent lore, Was more of a cg anime.

  26. My heart still yearns for this to be remade, And remade in it's entirety. BOTW is a good visual game, soft with it's open world with a good animish plot. But it hasn't and I believe cannot grib me like TP has... No how matter how much i roleplay with it.

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