1. Animated adaptions are not what I meant by film industry. I have several book series I read I would love to see get the Arcane treatment.

  2. “Tom Holland cast as Isaac Clarke in live action Dead Space film”

  3. Hello no. Tom Cruise cast as Isaac Clarke in live action.

  4. And...? You literally just stated she was a woman. Trans-women are women

  5. I thought about it but I just finished 3 so I'll play 4, reach and odst after and be done with it. The halo show really put a bad taste in my mouth so I don't want 5 to ruin the rest

  6. Oh yeah, there's also some AMAZING Halo themed mods for other games out there, like Sins of the Prophets which focuses on Space Combat. Pretty deep and strategic though, fair warning.

  7. Oof. I was so excited for the show. Guess I should have known, seeing the trend these days.

  8. Reminds me of an Orson Scott-Card book I read once. Forget the name. Don't know the Genre either.

  9. I would LOVE that to be honest the Halo 5 multiplayer was really fun to play and if it ever were to come to Steam it would means uncapped fps, FoV slider and high player population enough to a point that I can properly grind to Sr152 I'm all for it!

  10. Imagine having Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5's Custom Game Browser on the Steam Deck...

  11. Wasn't their a winter security suit that gave bonus damage to flamethrower?

  12. Yep, the Arctic Security Suit! That one, the Elite Security Suit, and the Unitologist Suit are my all time favorites lol.

  13. The days of Crytek leading the charge in real-time rendering left them nearly a decade ago:

  14. I guess we'll know more about the future of CryEngine later. I mean, with Crysis 4 on the way, it seems like the engine/company is pretty far from being dead. Like you said though, they do seem to be much more focused on the actual developing of games rather than pushing the technology to new heights. Still, I'm truly wondering what sort of "Next Gen" advancements they'll bring to Crysis 4. I'd imagine Ray Tracing and AI related tech is a priority.

  15. I'm actually glad that the new devs aren't just ignoring stuff like the Brethren Moons, Tau Volantis, and other parts of Dead Space 3.

  16. DS 2 runs perfectly without much tinkering on max settings. Just be sure to disable v-sync, when v-sync is on the frame rate looks a bit choppy. Played it from beginning to end without any issues.

  17. If you enable V-Sync in the game (all 3 Dead Space games) it locks you at 30 FPS. Only way to play it smoothly is to enable V-Sync in Nvidia Control Panel (Windows) or via Framerate Limit on the S-Deck.


  19. I loved the yellow filter because it gave a distinct identity for HR. I got a feeling of wonder and optimism about how humanity was progressing technologically. But it simultaneously portrayed a sense of dread. There seemed to be an air of mystery, invisible machinations at work that could tear down this facade at any moment.

  20. There's a mod that brings it back and I can't play HR without that goddamn filter ever again, even after roughly 100 hours of playing DC without any graphical mods.

  21. Bro, have you checked out the "GoldVision ReShade" mod for Mankind Divided? 😏

  22. I've done VRAM, Huge Pages, Swappiness and Swap Size, but it's still 20fps PEAK on Low settings, Trying with GE proton now.

  23. How? Its mostly unplayable for me on any settings on Steam Deck. Mostly stuttering crashing.

  24. Also, make sure it's NOT running on the SD card. Pretty major stability boost and slight fps boost if you run it on the Internal Storage.

  25. Doesn't look like it. How's that work anyway, doesn't it take like half a year for Limited Run to product their stuff, someones gonna wait that long to play?

  26. Limited Run Games will send you a Digital Download Code on the games release date, even though the physical package will take longer to get shipped.

  27. Never fails to disappoint me when I see people getting downvoted to heck by literally saying the TRUTH.

  28. You know you have a problem when you're like me and you try and "decipher" what the first letter of each song spells out

  29. If I recall correctly, those were the Chapter names that spelled out the secret messages, not the soundtrack names.

  30. I am ALWAYS the guy who wants to take it slow and not ruin anyone's day. How these people think that they're invincible on ICE as if the trucks are just magically glued to the road astounds me.

  31. I guess I'll just replay the original then. :P

  32. Original still holds up surprisingly well. I'm amazed at how well the colors pop if you raise the saturation level on your monitor. Don't forget, there's a few good graphics mods out there - including some that scale up certain textures to 4K (looks inconsistent in quality though) and with the release of the new RTX Mod Tools...man, that title could look like a whole new game!

  33. The Deck runs Crysis 3 really well, so I'd hope it can. Even if it's at 30-40 FPS lol.

  34. Yeah they look pretty incredible. Really wanted to see a better look at the Soldier Rig by now, but I guess we'll see when we play the game lol.

  35. Don't do it on your own. Pay a professional to do it for you. Saving $50 is not worth frying your boards. I thought I could do it myself and I fried my mother board as soon as I opened the cover.

  36. Not sure why you felt the need to make this post. If you're trying to own the people a little weirded out by his looks in the remake, idk why. I mean, none of the versions REALLY look like Gunnar in real life. Plus, his likeness in DS1 was based off Max Shippee, a totally different actor. That said, he does look closer to how he did in DS2/3 rather than DS1. Look at the nose. His eyes are the most different, but the nose is definitely more like in the 2 later games.

  37. I feel like Hammond is kinda a downgrade but that’s because Peter is a known actor/face. I don’t know Alabi from anything so we’ll have to see how he does.

  38. Hammond is a downgrade IMO. Peter was awesome, and to be honest I was really hoping they'd give the role to Colin Salmon if not Peter again when they announced the remake.

  39. How long did it take you to get that? The N7 suit was always my favorite. Albeit not nearly as difficult to obtain.

  40. The save game editor gives you a whole bunch of stuff, such as the Zealot Suit, Hacker Suit, and all the other DLC stuff available for PC. I have no clue why, but they made the stupid decision to have 4 rooms all available across the 3 platforms, but ONLY unlockable on Console - as well as making the Severed DLC for Console and NOT PC...

  41. Mustang is viable now, got reworked 3.17, has 4scu of cargo + personal inventory, sure its 2 less than a titan but from my experience, Just as capable

  42. That's good to know. I haven't played since before the Mustang's cargo space was implemented. Might go ahead and give it a try now. I remember it being basically impossible to win dogfights in my base level mustang with the base level ship weapons. (Granted, my hardware back then was...suboptimal at best), but still - transporting cargo was the best way to earn the monies. I had to rely on friends to help me out though. About to get a new gaming setup soon, hopefully then I'll be able to run this game as intended lol. 😂

  43. Mustang Alpha has 4 SCU of cargo and the space can also be used to store missions boxes.

  44. Absolutely needless (See Xbox Series X backwards compatibility) and counterintuitive to making profit from the Remakes. Extraction and Dead Space mobile could do with preservation though.

  45. Well, the console versions are pretty complete for sure, but the PC versions are a mess. They could all do with a bit of graphical enhancement though IMO.

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