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  1. Wait until you see Gleaming the Cube and hear him speak English without an accent.

  2. this is what happens when you can't buy a proper holden ute in the states

  3. my 600lb life reality show is in it's 12th season and has about 15 episodes per season. there are some people on it that are pushing 7-800lbs. we as a society really need to think about how we got here.

  4. I'm an American who studied in Germany. When my mom came to visit, we were walking downtown, and she pointed to a shop window and said, "Wow, they must be very confident in their product." I stared at the window for a long minute before I got it. In foot-high gold letters, the window read "SCHMUCK." Through my English goggles, it was funny. Through my German goggles, all it said was "JEWELRY." It was a very strange cognitive moment.

  5. were your french goggles confused cause it was gibberish?

  6. it's a cousin to i can't believe it's not butter. it's not butter, but it looks and tastes mostly like butter, which is hard to believe i know

  7. I've seen a few comments saying they interpreted that scene as happening after Emilio's death, so therefore it made no sense for him to be alive there. Motherfucker, if he's alive in the scene then obviously it's BEFORE his fucking death. Some people need the dumbest shit spelled out for them

  8. no he's a ghost! written back into the show to ruin it. that's the only plausible explanation

  9. easy, this is what happens when you binge it on netflix and 90% of it is in the background while you do other shit

  10. that's a pretty fundamental misunderstanding, walts plan was revenge and it didn't need an exit, his plan was to die and take as many of the nazis with him as he can. simple. gene is on the run, being on the run and not getting caught is the plan. he's got a bag full diamonds, stashes of hidden cash and the number to the vacuum guy.

  11. this show much like bb is all about peeling the onion. what starts off as a romp about a sympathetic slightly cooky character with some flaws, strips away the charm and the lies and reveals to the viewer that they were in fact the ones being conned into liking him just like the other victims. and it ends with a raw portrait of a decidedly antisocial personality.

  12. Why do so many fans assume people don't or can't fundamentally change? Who is that true for? I'm not the same person I was fifteen years ago and I've enjoyed a fraction of the trauma Jimmy has.

  13. because happy endings and redemption shows like that are a stamped out by the hack guild for a dime a dozen. what makes this show unique is that it does the opposite, it takes a deeply flawed character and shows him as a sympathetic protagonist and then takes shows you his ugly, real side.

  14. We’re gonna see Walt one more time but without Jesse since Bryan Cranston said he filmed two scenes, one with Aaron Paul and one without him.

  15. that is literally the worst thing the writers could do. it sounds like an ending to a shitty soap.

  16. Nixon DOJ lawyers crafted a letter during the Watergate investigating that made up reasons (BS) that still exist as DOJ department policy. There is no law that says a sitting POTUS can't be indicted.

  17. that seems like a very bad policy that would lead to presidents thinking they can commit crimes with impunity

  18. How the hell could they possibly know? Do they watch every single customer before they enter the store, because that seems like a colossal waste of time. Is there an employee outside whose full time job description is watching the parking lot? What if you parked a block away and then walked? What if you were dropped off by another person? This is so dumb and could never really be enforced.

  19. yes, the proud brotherhood of the nights watch. the eyes on the wall. protectors of the seven kingdoms

  20. Don’t take the elevators here! The wash out sump pumps for the garage are located at the bottoms of the shafts and the building is designed so that each level is pitched to drain down the elevator shafts. That’s why they always smell like piss.

  21. if you tie a string around your finger real tight it will turn purple

  22. i hear love canal in ny is real nice this time of year

  23. some places rely on tourist dollars to stay afloat...especially ones that are seasonal. yes tourists can be annoying. not everyone can have a cushy teaching job finger wagging at everyone else like the author of this sanctimonious article.

  24. yes lets ignore that fact that the entire country of germany is about the size of texas and has population density of around 230 persons per km2. "small town" in germany is like a busy suburb in a metro area in the US. a small town in the US is 4 methed out losers and 1 traffic light in a 100 mile radius. im guessing that wouldn't be a good option for ya

  25. for fish you really should be using an Erlenmeyer and not a boiling flask

  26. True fact: if you don't routinely switch between eating the left and right bars your taste buds become imbalanced.

  27. truer fact if you routinely eat twix bars you'll have diabetes

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