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  1. I wear black and white and blow a whistle.

  2. You can cut them but than burn it so it doesn’t fray its probably illegal

  3. Did it come with earmuff things that velcro to the inside of the helmet around your ears? There are different sizes that can make it fit better

  4. Ok thank where should i look for bigger one? Do you think my local lax store has them

  5. The first four letters of the serial number printed in black on the back of the cartridge (APAEN5JOO, in your case) identify what game it is. GameFAQs lists serial numbers, but only the ones on the front of the cartridge. Luckily, those always follow the same pattern: NTR-[first four letters of back serial]-[region code]. A quick Google search reveals that

  6. Hey i have the same problem but my numbers are ntr-005 and accenoj12

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