1. Wait it got sent like this? I thought your dog got into it haha thats rough

  2. I knew i wasnt crazy, i worked at a liquor store a few years ago in canada where someone tried to pay with canadian money with chinese lettering. It was a chinese guy, i handed the money back and said i cant accept and he said oh sorry ok and payed with card.

  3. How long til Red, the Korean War vet, says something horrendous to the Asian friend?

  4. Damn when i search on my fb mkplace its 1/4 of the cards for 4x the price

  5. I’m all out of milk I’ll just have to suck on your moms honks

  6. Tell your older brother not to get you in such a high divison next time he plays on your account

  7. Based on conversations with EA back then, the feedback from the community was that the game felt too much like a chore to sign in and do daily challenges in a strict "all or nothing" 24 hour window.

  8. In nhl 19 (or 20? I dont remember) when you had to log in EVERY 8 HOURS for the collectibles and the timer didnt give a buffer so you had to be ready the second it rolled over or you couldnt get 3 a day. I worked a 6am-1pm job and then sometimes a 5-9pm second job, so i would always log in at 530am before i left for work, when I got home at 130pm and at 930pm before going to bed. It was an absolute slog

  9. Who knows I think he has half of this sub blocked

  10. Every year the game is great for a bunch of the player base for the first few weeks. Then the "meta" people and some of the YouTubers get all bitchy that their glitch wraps and other assorted BS isn't 100% effective. Then the game changes to fit their style and the rest of us that like hockey are left with what it is.

  11. This is the most overused braindead take on this sub

  12. I don't play online anymore and I stopped because of this. It's half and half between that and the fact that people find the current year's glitch goals.

  13. Im not going to argue the meta and playstyle at the top is terrible, i think most can agree with that. But if you are convinced that EA changes it “specifically” for top guys/game changers (who by the way dont change shit, if youve heard any of them speak about it) im not sure what to tell you.

  14. Guess who just pulled landscaping duty?

  15. What kind of name is slappersofsauce

  16. Theres no way your stating that as if its a fact I should make that connection like the sky is blue

  17. I don’t think so. Says you need Three stars for the players pack. I got 2 stars but it’s hard af to get three

  18. Yes you can score your goals, then in another try worry about the shutout and sitting in a corner

  19. Youre irrelevant, shut the fuck up and delete your account

  20. Bruh none if them be scoring, I have nylande, strome, kakko, perfetti and Addison. Addison and strome at least good enough to play in the lineup now but I haven't had a goal from anyone in like 5 days.

  21. Nylander had an empty netter tonight!

  22. Base card is, I have it upgraded. It’s also a power up icon and it has a lot of value

  23. It still only sells at 83. I sold mine for 70k on xbox x.

  24. Jesus christ you weirdos need to fucking relax

  25. Moist trying to make up for all their misses in the earlier 2 series

  26. I spent a collectible to get him and then I pulled them in a silver reroll pack. 😂😂… Sadly both are untradable

  27. Bro I did the same thing. Like not even 10 minuets apart. At least now were 1/25th of the way to an evo msp if they are good on friday lmao

  28. If hes tradeable dump him, if hes not get to the base card. I got him in my starter pack and I like him as a big 2nd C but hes nothing special

  29. Wait, he isn’t a card for tonight’s game? Wtf is the point then lol

  30. So you can play 200 gmaes with him on your 4th line for 1/40th of an msp lmao

  31. For sure. I’m still learning this game. Would that mean free future upgrades?

  32. You gotta get josi to max then trade for toty later, then its free upgrades

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