1. Thanks but she already tried that but doing that makes the pencil totally unusable. We have no idea why it’s doing that. Apparently she’s telling me that the main problem is that there are « shortcut » mainly using Multi-Touch to make lines, remove them, etc. And sometimes her hand do these kinda tricks on the screen without her wanting to do so. And she CAN totally disable that « function » as she tells me but when she does, the pencil stops working immediately on the sheet. Do you have an idea? It’s an official Apple Pencil 1st Gen, bought on Apple website :(

  2. Ok she’s having an exam right now, well she told me she did try this option and it did works for her hand, but apparently her pencil is also detected like her hand somehow… The iPad Pro keeps disabling also her pen. She just told me that clicking on the option that’s called something like « Disable detection of hands / other elements » also makes her pen undetectable :(

  3. Have u enabled support for the pen in iOS settings ?

  4. can vouch, this works really well and flawlessly

  5. Get AltStore as u can't jb iOS 15

  6. so just get altstore and i dont have to be on a lower ios?

  7. Yes install alt store and get the emulator "delta" from the browse section

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