1. so he basically bought hakimi lool

  2. now im scared of coming up against him

  3. donnarumma screaming at roberto carlos who screaming to cordoba who screaming to ramos who's screaming to zidane

  4. Likely a temporary mistake; reds and IFs should be the same.

  5. i swear i saw someone post his shaarawy with 4* skills

  6. little fucking liar Caught in 4k atm

  7. i think that all the stats are 99 and 5*5* secretly

  8. You should upgrade to outside . The sun is nice

  9. btw for refrence this team isnt that expensive

  10. you gotta drop di nat or correa to do that

  11. scared of playing your friends in your div?

  12. pace merchant? he's actually decent

  13. meanwhile me getting zambo anguissa and happy (totw version)

  14. better players cheaper than him but better but he's overpriced?

  15. after somemore high rated cards its possible to get past that correct

  16. imo giroud if you want a more physical striker or 101 arnautovic

  17. No wtf does this happen regularly with Elite red picks?? it’s my first one

  18. glitched out red picks by the looks of it

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