1. When has any of the tinfoil been correct? You guys are being taken for ride, sorry. It’s like watching a trainwreck in real time.

  2. Bearhunter is bullish. WSB is bullish. That’s all you need to know

  3. Once JPow emphasizes that they are not cutting rates, the fall to $390 will be glorious.

  4. It’s because your beloved stock is trading at $.46 and is down 97.98% in a year. That’s why. You are being swindled by the board. They are going to dilute you so much your investment will be less than worthless by the end.

  5. JPM rolled their collar today. They usually sell Calls and buy puts. So heavier premium for sold calls and lower premium for puts is what they got.

  6. Everyone is selling and shorting. Wtf are you talking about?

  7. There is no “we”. You are an Individual investor. This isn’t a team sport. You manage your own risk tolerance. If you think this is a good buying price, go buy. If you want to sell and move on, more power to you. You understand the risks. Manage them accordingly.

  8. We’ve been here many times. Run to $410. Dump back down to $380 . Repeat

  9. Imagine being bullish on a stock down -97.7% in a year and at ATLs. And it’s diluting it’s float 5x after diluting it’s float 2x already. My god.

  10. Imagine being compelled to troll people for their investments.

  11. You just spend your free time disagreeing with people who are speculating about a stock you are no longer involved in and spreading fear/doubt but have no personal incentive? X doubt

  12. Yessir. It’s fun. Bagholders are fun to annoy.

  13. Right. So you enjoy spreading misery. I already know this. This is what I always conclude about people who others call "shills". You just smell blood in the water and like it. That's all. No "just being honest". No "listen to reason, this is a cult". You just enjoy the misery and want to spread it.

  14. We will look back on 2023 and ask ourselves why we didn’t buy the dip

  15. Comfortable. I have the gaming version. It’s padded yet still provides support. It definitely does not sink like a cushion would. I love it.

  16. I like that it's less than a year old. One issue I have been having buying a used Herman Miller is that no one knows when their chair was built and the majority of them seem to be passed around a ton (office to liquidator to individual to individual etc.... She's also willing to drop it off at my place in Santa Monica at no charge...

  17. You worked an extra 30 hours per week for 9 weeks for an additional $800 or $100 per week extra. Just insane.

  18. They did NOT buy back shares. They have the ABILITY to buy back shares.

  19. Jacob Taylor, NFT Product Manager at GameStope was laid off. Same with all the engineers. NFT is basically a nonexistent department any more. Wow.

  20. Fuck everyone goes to the gyms on Monday evenings.

  21. This post is great. Thank you for it. Appreciate your effort and it dumbs it down for us plebs. This seems to be exactly what is happening. I bet this is happening multiple times over too.

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