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  1. I use Darktable - a multi-platform freeware product with absolutely robust capabilities and a bit of a learning curve (but that's what YouTube is for, right?) - in place of Lightroom along with GIMP as a Photoshop replacement (also free and robust).

  2. haven't played with darkroom for a while but heard there has been a ton of work done? has it improved a lot?

  3. I've only been using it for a few years but yeah, even in that time it seems to have improved drastically. The processing is fantastic and it remains just as robust.

  4. Admin dinged me for telling a mom of a former 24 weeker, corrected to about 2-3 months that it is inappropriate to thicken breast milk with peach yogurt. I didn't even address the fact that the breast milk was being purchased from an informal milk sharing group on Facebook.

  5. Good on you for doing the damn thing! One day at a time, one shower beer at a time :-)

  6. Only one beer was needed for the night. And the sushi was incredible as always! Sushi is more glamorous comfort food.

  7. Agreed but alas, you probably have better sushi out west than we do here in central PA -_-

  8. House in the Cerulean Sea - TJ Klune

  9. Came here to recommend this! Yes romance but it's minimal and absolutely not in your face about it.

  10. The Library at Mount Char -- Scott Hawkins

  11. Might be a little outside the realm of what you like but Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a good choice. It’s a series of sci fi books where the main character infiltrates the elite overlords that control the universe to take them down from the inside. I’m almost done with the second book and I can’t put it down.

  12. Came here to recommend this as well -- reading the third book currently and the series has been great so far!

  13. Yeah I just found out who Aries is over the weekend, excited to finish book 2 and get into 3.

  14. You're not all that far behind where I'm at -- happy reading and, once you finish this series, could I recommend the Expanse series? I just finished that a month or so ago and it's phenomenal :-)

  15. The House in the Cerulean Sea - TJ Klune

  16. I can certainly see that it's not for everyone; it was a different style than my normal sci fi / fantasy reads but I enjoyed it. If you haven't tried library at mount char, I'd give that a go -- basically the opposite of house in the cerulean sea

  17. House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

  18. Just finished reading this, strongly agree and highly recommend!

  19. Pride and Prejudice. That's what my 14-year-old daughter who just discovered Booktok asked for! The ones you mention are also good. Maybe some Urlula Le Guin? The Left Hand of Darkness and The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas might be good. Kurt Vonnegut? Breakfast of Champions or Slaughterhouse Five would be good.

  20. Came here to recommend Le Guin.

  21. Yo, that's awesome as fuck! Amazing work and the red just straight pops! Love it :-D

  22. Doctor. Leaves me plenty of discretionary cash to buy new gear when I can convince myself that I need it for my photography hobby

  23. But remember it's omicron so they're only mild deaths.

  24. Chuckled out loud in the hospital cafeteria on my lunch before going back to working in the ICU

  25. I feel like a broken record constantly recommending the series but:

  26. It's long at nine books but I highly recommend the Expanse series by James SA Corey -- absolutely fantastically written and engaging characters really draw you in.

  27. First book is {{Leviathan Wakes}}

  28. I literally had to confirm that replete wasn't because I can and still swear that it's a verb ..

  29. Adequate oral hydration is important and will help with optimal performance of the body, including its immune system in fighting off infection.

  30. Congrats and good choice on the wegmans bubbly! They have some fantastic products :-D

  31. Trying to keep unvaccinated dipshits alive by forcibly pumping nearly pure oxygen into their lungs that have been trashed by a "hoax."

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