1. Nice niy. The alloy version was in my cart, but I bailed on it. I'm gonna hold out a bit longer.

  2. Do it. I'm in still in love with my 2015 pro4x after a year. I paid to much for one with a salvage title (rear ended), but I'd do it again.

  3. You are missing out on pro thunderbirds.

  4. I have spare pro thundys and destroyers that get thrown in the travel bag. Easy to replace.

  5. Some 2.6 tires are too square on a 40mm iw rim.

  6. I bought a used 2017 db mission frame and rode the snot out of it. Was great on fast trials but was wonky on slow parts. It seems super tall compared to other bikes I've ridden. That said, I'd get the stance.

  7. Las Cruces has a surprisingly nice disc golf course. I say surprising because it is a full 18 hole course, despite only having 4 physical baskets.

  8. This ruined my lunch plans last week. RIP Santa Fe grill.

  9. I have the bars, brifters, and brakes from a 2018 Breezer radar pro that I need to sell. I swapped to corvid ti bars and mtb controls.

  10. Not big enough to be a blip on the search map, but San Antonio Tx and El Paso Tx are repping the Padres due to minor league affiliations.

  11. Foes is still making frames. If I had use for a park bike, I'd seriously consider the mixer.

  12. Huh, hadn't realized they were still around. They make some nice looking bikes, but it looks like their geo is still running about 5 years behind the rest of the industry.

  13. They are not bleeding edge for sure. They just need to shorten the seat tubes an inch or so on each model. I'm sure the mixer would be a blast at a bike park even with the "antique" Geo.

  14. I should rebag the cro. I had a first run in the bag for years and years.

  15. 04 ranger xtracab body and bed, H2 hummer front end & 80's Silverado chop top.

  16. On an f150 frame. Ttb front suspension and 5 lug.

  17. Left looks like a fighter or something.

  18. Very cool. Would fit right in on Cold War Motors.

  19. I used to putt exclusively with a first run star cro a long time ago. I learned to play somewhere that was often windy. It did not get pushed around as much and would miss smaller than traditional putters for me.

  20. Slam that seat down when riding the jumps

  21. Get a 20" bike for that track and you're skills on all bikes will level up quickly.

  22. Pick a 100 yard section of trail with some turns and session it. Practice on a gravel lot.

  23. Men $400 more is stretching! Frame looks goofy tho i am trying to get the best bang for my buck!

  24. I'm with you. The ripmo and Ripley would need to be super cheap for me to consider them. They ugly af

  25. There are a couple retailers on pinkbike that do custom wheels. They had pretty good prices last time I looked. Go new on the wheel. You could sell the old one and be ahead money vs lacing in a new hub or keep it as a back up .

  26. Night riding is the best. I'm always surprised to see I am as fast or faster at night. I think it helps me look further down the trail weirdly enough. Cold night rides are just around the corner.

  27. I'm not seeing 50% off in my area or on pb. I want search Fb marketplace in your neighborhood. I'm holding tight til December. Just gotta be patient a little longer. . . .

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