1. Yea sirianni is a lock so far

  2. Can't believe 4 weeks are in the books already. Since there are 18 games but 1 bye this is still broken into 4 quarters plus 1 game. Pickett is now in play for OROY and you know the voters love QB's for these awards and on top of that he looked amazing. He is +950 right now at many spots. Olave looks good but he is at the mercy of his QB just like the other wrs. If Pickett is throwing Pickens the ball then Pickett will get it over Pickens. It just makes sense

  3. Everyone blasted me for this trade.

  4. Madden 12, ncaa 12 and Tiger Woods 12 were the pinnacle of sports gaming. So sad it fell off a cliff since then

  5. They aren't updating it at all. Its week 4 dude

  6. Said this earlier this week. EA is trash they just want your money

  7. Dont think you need to buy pts. Usc is severly under valued like kansas was last two weeks before books caught on. Usc wins by 2 scores and they will catch on next week,.

  8. didn't this lady just absolutely collapse up 5-1 in a tiebreak a few days ago?

  9. I swear this had me thinking tennis was rigged and she was paid or her family was threatened by the mob. There was no way to explain that last week other that she realized she wasn't supposed to win that match.

  10. Yea you probably are right about the mid life crisis

  11. Willingness to get rejected. If you’re not getting rejected very often, you’re not putting yourself out there enough.

  12. This is true. My selectiveness prevents this from happening.

  13. Yes I did. Cant withdraw it fails every time

  14. Seems there is a crazy error about not enough eth available for frontrunning. Needs 2 eth or higher at present conditions. If you click on the txn error in detail it shows that message

  15. This video/channel is also running a front running bot scam:

  16. Nitrogens livebetting also sucks.

  17. Betonline and nitrogen both are equally bad.

  18. I know what Asian odds are. My question is why do some books only give that option? It seems shady.

  19. Idk I see all normal totals offered. Maybe contact support?

  20. I disagree about the roads, and stores not being able to handle it. Have you been to California? Lol. I think it’s great for the economy and the one problem I do have however is increasing rent prices.

  21. California is bad but here the roads and stores are getting there. Too many people, not enough infrastructure to handle it

  22. When did ppl start calling the Northern Suburbs “North Dallas”? I rarely go to any of those places you just named. We want no part of that suburban hellscape. 😂

  23. Dallas metro, still part of dallas as a whole. No one says dallas suburbs. Its easier to identify as north dallas as it literally is north of dallas

  24. You can use sprocs if you really want to, but why the fuck is it encoded as JSON..? Just use Dapper, call the sproc, and you get an instance of a proper class out of it. Done deal.

  25. Dapper is a lifesaver its so much faster to write queries or query the database

  26. it wasn't even one that I watched, but bet on. It was a Yale mens basketball game from earlier this season, it was so fishy at the end that the Yale social media team had to turn off the comments. I couldn't find a single stream of the game anywhere that day. If anyone else remembers which game it was please lmk, it was awful.

  27. found those twitter comments LMAO people were pissed

  28. NCAAF Wisconsin @ UNLV 2002. Somebody owed the mob big money and took out the power to the stadium with 7:21 to go in the game. All bets were voided.

  29. Just heard about this today on the radio. This was insane and 100% rigged. Out of all times for the lights to go out it happens during one of the games the casinos wouldve taken a MASSIVE loss

  30. Why is this labeled a card game

  31. So why do the two go hand in hand? Is it people with addictions and lack of self control share the same habits?

  32. If you'd like to build something more modern, I'd encourage you to build a hello world web API using ASP.NET Core. I believe it will lead you down a path much more relevant to potential employers and give you more exposure to other technologies as well.

  33. I agree with this. Im not really sure who uses windows forms in enterprise applications these days

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