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A sense of impending doom

As Ohio restricts abortions, 10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for procedure

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That's a little funny

  1. Uses large machinery to block traffic for ordinary people and refusing police orders... "Why would you point a gun at me?!?" Lmfao gee I wonder..

  2. If you live in a capitol city and a protest goes there and shuts it down I don't really care. You chose to live in the vicinity of where policies are made and where people's anger will be focused.

  3. So if mobs of people were to do something similar here in the US would it be deemed “peaceful” by the mainstream media?

  4. Ya but the Dutch are doing what most city leaders failed to do.

  5. If you're just trying to get a piece of paper to show your employer to get a raise do the weekend.

  6. That does seem pretty high then, but if your parents agreed to it then what’s the problem? It’s not like they are getting hit with hidden fees. Window companies give you the price up front, and then you can say yay or nay

  7. Because old people sometimes slip up and get caught up in a sales pitch. My mum switched out her phone plan that was 36 a month to a unlimited data plan at 180.00 and she had just gone in to the store to have them hook up her new phone and transfer the files.

  8. Just because the major brands make them now amd not a bunch of small dosent mean it's dead.

  9. Good thing I never said "2 stroke is dead"

  10. How the fuck does the dude so cold heartedly just look the other way like that… absolutely unreal.

  11. When ypu get electrocuted you don't really make a sound you just tense.

  12. Most manholes aren't made of steel. The material is diffrent depending in the state. Mines is cast iron. So very brittle to small fast moving objects.

  13. Yes he shot at them and then bailed with a ski mask on turned and well gg. Don't shoot at cops.

  14. The comment the dude was replying to literally said he turned to shoot the cops before being gunned down. You evidently don’t know how to read

  15. That's not what the replied comment says at all.

  16. Seems sort of like it. But I don't get it.

  17. She's polling lower than Biden I highly doubt they will push her at all. She's been a nothing burger.

  18. Folks on this sub can’t handle reality. Let them downvote you - hopefully they nominate Harris on a platform of 4 more years of Biden, pointing to his “successes” on inflation, economy, Afghanistan, immigration and pretty much everything else. It’ll be a landslide the other way.

  19. Thats 3.5 months.... I don't think this is as much as burn as OP thinks it is.

  20. Okay, I'm not sure where these numbers are from, as 98% of statistics are made up on the spot, but let's make something clear.

  21. You can buy a net as well it's what I use. Just goes over the sink and then I just empty it into the toilet and it gets flushed when I pee.

  22. I don't make the laws in that state, don't put that on me

  23. 6 weeks then you can't abort so a month and a half.

  24. Pregnancy tests have a failure rate, even when used correctly. They also don't work until a week or two into the pregnancy. It's possible to get a false negative and just think "oh well maybe I'm irregular this month", and end up missing the deadline.

  25. I'm literally just saying what they say is the cut off I don't disagree with it being too short. I still think it's a person tho.

  26. Well, Carl decided to put some lewd waifu stickers on his. Unfortunately, the inspector had a stick up his ass.

  27. Wifu stickers keep people from talking to me.

  28. Did everyone here forget about rimfire and feature rifles......

  29. I don't think having an f150 is that insanely wasteful. Especially for a lot of lifestyles. My wife and I love camping and things of the sort and it can be a bit difficult to fit all our stuff plus kids in our mach-e, which is part of the reason we ordered a rivian. There's lots of uses for vehicles beyond just getting people to and from work, and a lot of those things are easier with a truck.

  30. I bought a mache to balance out the f350 godzillla on order.

  31. I got it for the key and loaner and just basic crap.

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