Trevor Noah to Exit ‘Daily Show’ After Seven Years

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  1. Damn, why the hate here? As a detailer I can't stand driving in a flithy vehicle. I've dusted off floor mats, wiped down the dash etc. on loan vehicles, just for my piece of mind. It wasn't a 6 hour detail, but it sure was better.

  2. "Scrubbing with water" isn't really what I'd call detailing.

  3. I didn't see any references to detailing? He just said he gave it a clean?

  4. A South African complaining about speeding? Are you from Capetown, and never been to jhb? Lol

  5. Thank you OP. We appreciate you ❤️

  6. Undercook fish? Straight to jail righaway.

  7. As a South African I can truly say Trevor Noah is hilarious. His accents are on point and he is super smart, and able to articulate his argument eloquently.

  8. The anti fungal creams don't work. See a doc and get a Terbinafine prescription. It will be cleared up in 2 months. Permanently.

  9. Boot dye, then black polish. Take rhem to a cobbler. Will look like new.

  10. Damn, why is this not the top comment. This is the answer. It can be diy though, no need for the cobler service.

  11. Why are ya'll so serious. It's funny. I would so stick that on my Gen2.

  12. Don't always assume the price is negotiable. Some sellers have a firm price.

  13. Waze has been acting up ever since my previous update. I'm hoping this patch will resolve that.

  14. Here is my theory on this. Losses could account for shrinkage, but wouldn't that be the same at the self checkout? People who are skimming while shopping will do the same at self checkout.

  15. I can confirm, the same thing happens with me as well.

  16. Under 6k is quite a stretch for a decent gen2. There are some around the Raleigh area but they are in rough condition.

  17. I got the same result when I sent dig pics to apply for porn. I guess I'm too big.

  18. We take our 4 kids to theme parks quite regularly and if we didn't take our food with us, it would almost double the expense. We take, amongst other things, a thermos full of hot hot dogs, a pack of bread rolls, little packs of McDonald's ketchup and a small pot of dried onions. The kids love it!

  19. The thermos hot dogs is the LPT right here. Dang I got to try this.

  20. This seems to be a common problem. I purchased my 08 a few months ago and one of the previous owners big sell to me was that the "headlight bulbs" were change recently. I was like pffffft yeah okay great. That was until till I saw the invoice, the dude paid like 150 bux to change the bulbs. lol

  21. There is a definite difference in the way people treat you based on the vehicle you drive. I'm not sure if it is really a "prius" thing or if its just a small engine, small car issue.

  22. Did you read the article? Wasn't too many negatives in it. People just preferring to live in suburbs over city.

  23. It's the ANC's fault OP can't read.

  24. Sorry didn't read the rest of your post. Saw the wagon. I vote the wagon.

  25. Why do women make it their mission to purge our stuff? My wife does the same with me, when its time to donate stuff, we always start with MY stuff.

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