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  1. You're not supposed to be on it constantly. The point is to get around without having to use it. You sit in an alleyway until your withdrawal period ends and then you go about as normal.

  2. Excellent. Not a lot of people bold enough to go for Memphis-Milano, but you know what you're about!

  3. "God, you can't even eat in a fast food place these days anymore without strangers taking pictures of you and posting them online, can you?"

  4. He might get chonky but at least he's already figured out his good angles for photos.

  5. Everyone is talking food, which is wonderful.

  6. Our Finest toilet paper. I tried it during the hoarding phase of the pandemic and it leaves less lint than Charmin.

  7. If you are on PC and you enable the console, you can noclip in there. Otherwise, no.

  8. If you read Prudence's diary (which should be on the table across from the workbench) they chased her to the hatch and she set the electrified water trap for them.

  9. No. The very point of that is you don't have the keycard nor anyway to get it, which is why you have to take the test.

  10. There is a significant difference between hating a character and hating their gameplay. Most people seem to love Sally as a character indiscriminately.

  11. Look man, not every thread left loose is a "cliffhanger". Some things are not meant to be known definitively. Some stories don't hold your hand the whole way through.

  12. I don't remember the exact quote, but it's exactly like the lead writer Alex said.

  13. Yeah, when I first heard him say that in the documentary, it annoyed me because I assumed he was talking about the stuff in the game that actually does need more elaboration. If people are asking for finite answers about stuff that they've clearly invited you to draw your own conclusions about, though, I can see why he gives Cheshire cat answers like that.

  14. On PC, you do have the option of enabling the console, so in the event of a glitch, you could use the dev tools to correct or bypass.

  15. Mine is dumb, but i wish they had the Thomasina house in sandbox mode so i can see what's behind that door im the creepy room lol

  16. If you look, the door leads out into the hallway with the double stairs, but there's a pile of furniture and stuff on the landing, which is why the door is blocked.

  17. Yeah I know, lol. If you're in sandbox you can go to the settings under cheats and turn on ghost mode, hence why i said i wish the thomasina house was in sandbox mode.

  18. What I'm saying is you don't need ghost mode to see that there's nothing secret behind the door in the creepy room. The door would open out into the stairwell landing on the other side, but it's blocked by hoard.

  19. Lionel while you do the superb meatboy quest. I just find it disturbing that he has all these jigsaw contraptions for turning corpses into "V-meat", which is distributed around without anyone actually knowing or caring what it is. When he looks to find you in the other room I just feel a impending doom. I also find it a bit scary that even the bobbies did care to help you and arrested lionel, who I thought was a decent man at first.

  20. That's Reg Cutty, not Lionel Castershire. All the shopkeeps look the same but they're different guys. And I find him quite fascinating too (Reg, I mean. Lionel is interesting too but in a different way).

  21. Oh my bad, they looked similar to me for some reason

  22. They're identical! Except that Reg has a red apron and Lionel and Stewart Adams from the chemist shop have green ones.

  23. I always get a kick out of art of minor, less appreciated characters personally.

  24. There was a cutscene removed from They Came From Below that all the meaning behind getting to choose whether to convince James to come with Roger or to leave him behind hinged on.

  25. Not everything in the game is a big, involved narrative. That's just a couple who decided to take the plunge together rather than tough it out in the Garden District.

  26. The bar around your Joy Meter will fill as you take Joy. When you max it out, you go into a state called Memory Loss. Effectively, it's the same as Withdrawal, just with different visuals. People will not like the cut of your jib in this state and will attack you on sight so, like, Withdrawal, you'll just have to sit in an alley or something until it wears off.

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