1. You set the boundaries for sure, communication is definitely key. I don’t view porn as cheating but I don’t want my boyfriend following Instagram models or anything like that ( I don’t find this cheating either but I find highly disrespectful.) so it’s up to you what you view cheating.

  2. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe his gf just graduated highschool last year (could be totally wrong, so take this with a grain of salt) but I won’t post pictures out of respect

  3. Yeah, she ended up taking them off her Instagram when I made this post

  4. I listen to it and enjoy their take of the show for the most part. I get a kick out of some of their comments and have laughed out loud a couple times. I don’t like how late the episodes come out though. I mean the final episode and reunion aired before Memorial Day and the final bonfire podcast just came out today and sounds like they did a separate reunion episode that won’t come out until next week?? I think ppl will loose interest. They need to be better prepared to release timely episodes AND get more TI guests!!

  5. I like it - it sometimes feels like they just agree with each other, and you can tell that they’re both new to podcasting, but I think they have a lot of potential!

  6. Agree, I find Erin always agreeing with Kaci in the beginning of the first few episodes

  7. Oh Lord, she thinks she’s famous now. I agree that she needs to save every cent she gets because in the not too distant future, hardly anyone is going to know who she is. Heck, hardly anyone does now. It’s like the Bachelor Nation people thinking they’re super famous and a lot of have no clue who they are. They all seem to have Podcasts, but she’s not interesting or funny enough to pull that off.

  8. I think some of you guys forget the Gillian is pretty well off

  9. LMAO and how do you know so much about her financial situation

  10. Someone who knew her personally actually commented about her in this subreddit saying she lived a very privileged life and what not, so I’m going off of that. Also, just scrolling in Gillian’s feed or tiktok you can really tell a lot from her lifestyle.

  11. They didn’t hold Gillian accountable for the stuff she did with Tommy during the reunion. They just went in on Edgar sleeping with Marissa. Although Gillian didn’t sleep with Tommy, she for sure wasn’t innocent and crossed boundaries

  12. Seems like kissing was within their rules. She was obviously pushing it but maybe by virtue of not going beyond that made them disregard her actions more

  13. Oh yeah I know I wasn’t talking about the kissing, but sleeping on her bed , being touchy touchy definitely crossed boundaries.


  15. He also mentioned that he’s been dating his gf mid November. (In my opinion, I still think she’s at least 19 years old.)

  16. I remember him saying it was a month or so about filming ended. But why do you still think she's 19? Did he mention something on Instagram?

  17. At first I wasn’t so sure but when I saw her account she had pictures of highschool sports and her graduation from May 2021. Then, yesterday they were suddenly deleted, all pictures that were connected to her highschool years, they were were gone. So that was actually really sus and seemed they were trying to keep that on the low.

  18. He’s excuse was Alexa was never suppose to tell because she said “whatever happens at (the place they were) stays (in the place they were) like what kind of kids shit is that 😂😂

  19. I really hope editing made it look worse than it actually was. I remember a former cast member said they’re filming the final bonfire for at least an hour so things look choppy once it airs. Like someone looks like they go from crying to totally fine in a split second.

  20. I hate when production chops up scenes, they aren’t smooth at all

  21. Honestly, it was cringey, definitely wished she stood with that answer in the beginning but can’t do anything about it now.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show buys them or if they buy it themselves, mainly cause I noticed some of the people on the show are pretty well off

  23. I'd be on Edgar's side too. He waited a while before moving on from Gillian. She said and did quite a few hurtful things.

  24. I feel like Gillian disregarded her actions. Even though she didn’t sleep with Tommy, she crossed boundaries. I wished they put her more accountable tbh

  25. Something I do wanna add is why do they hate on Reddit so much, it’s literally what’s giving them their 15 minutes of fame. But I also agreed with Taylor, I don’t think anything happened in that shower scene, I feel like production would of shown more if more happened.

  26. In fairness to all of them having feelings about Reddit... people post some really vicious and below the belt things about cast members on here. If you went on a website and saw a bunch of strangers posting the things about you that people post here, you would hate it too.

  27. Oh definitely wouldn’t want strangers talking about me on some website but then again I would never put myself in the position to have an audience to criticize my actions on national television but I totally see your point.

  28. That’s “@roderickhawthorne” on ig, casting director, I think he’s a stylist too & he posts a lot of clients and Ashley being one of them

  29. I was rooting for Edgar, but honestly the fact that he didn’t tell Gillian to her face that he was gonna leave with someone else was cowardly

  30. Ohhh yeah I noticed that too, she had about 10.1k and then overnight had 42k which I found crazy

  31. Y’all see the Gillian gained 31k followers overnight on Instagram!?

  32. I will say Edgar and Gillian both agreed that kissing was okay but she did pass a few boundaries (I just wouldn’t count kissing as one)

  33. What boundaries did she pass? He smashed another girl on tv for the whole world too see.

  34. Obviously, that was before he slept with Marissa. The boundaries I’m talking about is her having someone sleep on her bed, then being all touchy touchy

  35. I feel uncomfortable when he kissed that chick. I feel like he looks like a little boy kissing his fifth grade Spanish teacher.

  36. That means the reunion is going to be crazy huh !? Gillian said Edgar lied about sleeping with Marissa on the overnight date then said he did and found out watching the recap that it was actually a lot ….

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