Truck drivers saving a fellow.

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  1. I bought Soupy's aluminum stand but will switch back to stock. It's fine for when I have the sm wheels but when I run the dirt wheels it's too short even with it adjusted out all the way

  2. The medium duty trucks I work on don't have glow plugs , they have grid heaters in the intake

  3. Do you have a link to the dr conversion or a recommendation? also this would just complete the whole set of having a 200 400 and a 650 so that adds to the reason of getting the drz.

  4. dang warp 9 is sick. Did not know about them. Thank you!

  5. Your welcome, I highly recommend getting a trail tech vapor dash . It has loads of functions, tach , temp sensor , ability to swap wheels and calibrate speeds for each set. warp 9 also has a manifold for the oil radiator so you can plug a temp sensor to that and get more accurate oil temps.

  6. I had the same 7 gallon safari tank and it was way too much tank for me on the singletrack in Texas. Settle for a nice 4 gallon tank.

  7. They will say it's a civil matter, not criminal. Need to take it up with small clams.

  8. Would you rather have the cherokee or the corvair?

  9. I'd install the upgraded axles and downsize the rest ,sell the wheels go with the smaller tires and stock size calipers . I'd regret it down the road not keeping the better axles.

  10. I know they are quite expensive but if you have never slipped your head into the glory of an arai xd-4 you are missing out. It’s like putting on Cinderella’s slipper for your dome piece. Plus those safety ratings!? Best helmet IMO

  11. The arai gets really hot in hot and humid climates while doing slow singletrack,not enough venting. The mx9 while being less luxurious vents better.

  12. You won't need a machine shop if you buy a big bore kit, it comes with a new cylinder and piston. You could also buy a stroker kit with a new crank.

  13. My 02 XR400 is a kickstart but it also has a key to lock the steering, kind of following the steering column down towards the forks on the right side

  14. I'd recommend never using the fork key lock, those are super easy to break loose and not easy to fix once broken

  15. You'll soon discover the stock seat Is trash like most stock seats

  16. If I was wheeling one of these I'd downsize the brakes and wheels to fit fatter rubber

  17. If it isn't obvious do not continue riding, although it's the rear brake it's still a safety concern. Get it fixed ASAP. From I gather it looks like the bolt is either loose or maybe the crush washers are damaged. Has it been worked on recently?

  18. Idk I think they'd wrap metal w carbon fiber stuff rather than plastic since the exhaust can get hot 👀

  19. Recently bought a DRZ 400. THis project has been rolling along smoothly however I cannot seem to get the carb that it came with to fit. While this carb is indeed a 400 carb I don't think that its the correct size for the DRZ. Please let me know if you know a better carb or if this carb will work.

  20. If your carb can with a mikuni the FCR will need to be adapted to fit with new air boots and an airbox adapter. There are bolt on kits made. I bought mine from , it came Witt everything I needed to install it on my bike with a factory bsr36. If your going to buy one I'd recommend brand new, you take a risk getting a used one with worn slide guides.

  21. I own a DRZ400SM with a FCR39 and Yoshimura RS-2. I also own a CRF450RL with Vortex ECU and Yoshimura RS-4. I'm probably going to sell the DRZ and get another CRF450RL and convert it to a sumo. The CRF450 is just a lot more fun. More power, better suspension, better handling. The DRZ would be a lot better for a long ride though, it's smoother and less twitchy.

  22. The other half of that expression is “horseshoes and hand grenades”

  23. A supercharged Northstar is only putting out 400?

  24. Northstars are terribly unreliable in stock form, I'm surprised they got that much out of it.They will likely need to use that fire extinguisher if it's driven.

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