I’m getting banned today

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  1. "Was just comparing to tinder " = was looking for myself, mortified to see step dad, but had to tell on him. The real question is this; does your gf really know?

  2. Great shot! But also.. "Lighthouse camper", cries dude tucked behind a rock and bench hahaha

  3. "Plunder is chill and relaxing" = see also; "I go to the game mode meant for looting to win, to kill and feel like a big boy." Derpa derpa derp

  4. Nah, it’s just another option to have fun in. It’s a good mode to goof around in and try stuff too.

  5. Indoctrination. It's why religions do it too; if you have critical thinking skills before this information is fed to you, you're able to see through all of the bullshit.

  6. it's always the trash players too... i know all too well when a random pings control first match in, that they're not good enough to hold it

  7. I dunno, I'm not comfortable with the number of people who think this party's "values" are A-OK. It's like half the country now, right?

  8. Religious extremists and blind followers. Stupid as fnck... its frightening. They cant even look in the mirror and notice they're muslims minus the hijab. Idiocracy for sure.

  9. Eff that cyclist... that was a setup... he already had stopped to anticipate/antagonize the dogs so he could have a video of him trying out his new toy. What a piece of crap.

  10. I think the cartel got gaming systems; It's those midnight methed out mexican sweat lobbies. When I hear the first "verga" or "pinche" in the deathcoms, I know it's time to shut down for the evening. I'll usually quit after that match until daybreak.

  11. quit crying. for fnck's sake, do you guys ever stop? wahh this , wahhh that.... we're getting zombies, and terminator is coming out! Do you constant complainers even enjoy the game? Furthermore, are you even that good at the game? The'se meta's and ttk's you're always whining about.... have or would they EVER make a difference in your game? Or are they just the clear and easy scapegoat for those who refuse to change their play style or adapt? For real, just ONCE I'd like to see a "Hooray" post rather than butt hurt anger and bitterness.

  12. Your comment if anything is the most bitter thing in this post lol.

  13. You gotta watch the South Park episode roasting fat, leather clad Harley riding lards like that

  14. throat punch that idaho turd, middle aged, fat fnck, passive aggressive, pu$$y. Then curb stomp his phone and scream "Ron Pearlman is my father!"

  15. Dont really know why I bother to reply to this, but here it goes;

  16. I agree with all but the "cheap" monitor. I had to shell out $800 for a gigabyte 32" monitor that'd actually run 120fps for my xbox x series.

  17. I paid 350 for my 1440p Samsung G5. 27 inch I think. 144hz. It's not the world greatest monitor but I've had a great experience with it.

  18. My dumbass just googled "best 4k monitor for series x" and bought what some review suggested. I made the snap decision because I had bought a 4k tv for the system not realizing it was only 60 fps, and warzone was finally fixing xbox for 120fps

  19. The NZ has been nerfed... I went from using it as ground loot, back to passing it up again. It's basically the same old slow, weak gun i never used in vanguard. Not sure how you're still getting beamed by it...

  20. Urgh, there is always the one guy who is like "Oh that major problem everybody sees its not a problem for me because I am so good". Sure you are, buddy. Of course you are.

  21. Its pronounced "baloney" but spelled bologna. But you are half correct, there is also a city spelled Bologna. If you're at the store buying bologna that is spelled "baloney"; I wouldnt trust it (not that you should trust bologna anyways, but spelled like that, it's too sketch.

  22. you're a whiny turd because your position on there being no rewards for not winning hurts others and does nothing to you whatsoever. basically your a whiny karen.

  23. Does nothing to me? So, me, a player who grinds and plays for all of his wins and loot, can be beat by some half-ass purposely losing for quick rewards? Way to think that thru, butt snacks. "I'll just lose all these games and use the wildcards to build some meta deck I saw on youtube, and then go beat these losers who actually play the game through." Doesnt hurt me? Get a grip, participation trophy boy.

  24. Yep. Ya fat, basement dwelling, cheetoh dusting, pud, who jerks to anime and crys when his mom doesnt get the pop tart flavor he likes. Good day to you as well

  25. Yes, he is. But I stated the obvious fact. Your butt-hurt reaction tells me your backdoor isnt virgin at all.

  26. Na... since they dont suck, it goes off of team average. So basically, you're playing some harder players.

  27. You even hear the pig lying to the other officers saying the man didnt ask for a supervisor until he was being yanked out. FTP.

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