AITA for getting my eldest daughter a kitten when wife is already overwhelmed with our disabled child?

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  1. Not gonna lie…I totally read that title as “Pragmatism of Oxygen” and was quite confused for a minute.

  2. 10 years, almost 11, and we’ve never checked each other’s phones. He always has access to mine and I always have access to his if either of us really wanted to, but neither of us ever have. We trust each other, and the fact that we have access and could just adds another layer to that trust.

  3. I don't see him retching, so I'm suspect of the article. However, he definitely looks bloated and he is uncharacteristically uncomfortable and fidgety. Something seems amiss, but remember that news sources speculated that Kim Jong Un had days to live like 3-4 years ago, and that asshole is still puttering around.

  4. Which could also just mean that he had something bad for lunch. Food poisoning happens to the best of us.

  5. If that’s the case, whoever cooked that meal better watch the fuck out and keep an eye out over their shoulder…

  6. I never realized how accurate “puttering around” was with regards to Kim Jong Un until you said it….but puttering around is precisely what he does lmao

  7. Um anything over 75 gallon breeder I prefer Acrylic since A it’s bonded together so it’s never gonna degrade of course UV light will yellow it overtime, scratches can be buffed out.

  8. You are the worst of the pet hobby. Shaming people TRYING to do better instead of encouraging them for doing so!

  9. Usually I’d agree with you when someone comes genuinely asking for help, but I have to disagree here and on instances like it. There’s a BIG difference between someone wanting to “learn and do better” and someone who jumped into getting a pet without doing even the most basic research to find out the absolute bare necessities - i.e. what they eat and what kind of enclosure they need (heat, light sources, size, aquatic or terrestrial, etc).

  10. What exactly does you a citizen having a gun do to stop police brutality? You definitely aren’t using it to protect yourself from a cop. Cops being scared of the chance of you having a gun is often the reason these shootings happen.

  11. The point is that they are claiming the police are already overreaching and acting recklessly with impunity with their guns, yet if they ban guns from the general population, the only people that WILL have guns are the same people they claim are acting recklessly with impunity…with their guns….

  12. My coworker was cohabiting leos and I kept telling her it was an awful idea and that she should separate them. She was like “well breeders do it, how else do they have babies?” and I told her that they only keep them together for short periods of time. She also only has them in a 10 gallon tank. Sure enough, a couple months go by and she says one of them has a red raw spot on her head, and asks me if mine has ever gotten raw from rubbing on things while shedding. I’m like “yeah no. It’s probably not from shedding” then she tells me a week later she caught the one biting the other.

  13. I’d love to know where “those experts” are….so we can form a line and all take turns hitting them in the shins with Razor scooters.

  14. Bingo. Just like how chocolate milk comes from the brown cows.

  15. I have seen knives like these advertises as being for tomatoes mainly cause the serrations make sure the knife can go cleanly through a tomato (cause most people don't keep their knives sharp enough bit serrations keep it at a more usable edge for longer) and you can use the tines to pick up slices. There are cheese knives like this but there are also tomato knives. Just a difference in labelling really

  16. I almost did accidentally. I was shopping with my girlfriend and standing next to her and was ready to put my arm around her and then noticed my girlfriend a couple of aisles away. I thought “If that’s Cheryl over there who am I standing next to?” Luckily the person didn’t notice me standing next to her because I was a little behind her but I was embarrassed.

  17. I 100% got into a car that I thought was my then-boyfriend now-husband…it was pouring rain and I hopped into the passengers seat and held his hand with my left while grabbing the seatbelt with my right. I was looking down to avoid the rain and then to my right to grab the seatbelt as I got in. I finally twisted to buckle it and realized it was not his car, and the woman whose hand I was holding was not, in fact, my boyfriend.

  18. I have to wonder how often leopard geckos do this and end up biting their own tail and dropping it as babies lmao. I had one that would startle himself with his tail when he did the lift and wiggle thing before catching his food, and I was always afraid he would drop it one of those days when it scared him enough lol.

  19. We're not going to lie about reality just because you prefer white supremacists to black activists.

  20. The irony in you saying you won’t “lie about reality” is thick here given the context. I prefer people that don’t suck. All of them do from both sides. I just find it comical that when one side does it it’s “mostly peaceful” but when the other side does it it’s an “insurgency”, and one side are “activists” and the other are “insurgents”.

  21. If Black activists had tried to overturn an election, that would have been bad. That isn't what they did, though. They were protesting against unchecked police violence.

  22. Lmao “the group I am sympathetic to”. I’ll say it again - they ALL are shit people. The hypocrisy shown by the left and the media as a whole on how the two groups are reported on, however, is an absolute joke, and only furthers to highlight the bias that everyone claims doesn’t exist.

  23. Yes, I searched it up out of curiosity and a blue whale can weigh upto 150k kg which is 165 tons

  24. If I’m reading what everyone is saying correctly, the gross tonnage listed is the ship’s volume, not it’s actual mass - so it actually weighs more than 134 tons, it just has that volume.

  25. I had no impression concerning your stance on ghosts. Reading your reply I just had the impression that you don't agree with the style of speech the commenter you replied to used. But instead of questioning their word choice unbiased you indirectly insulted their personal experience.

  26. Painted agama, Laudakia stellio. I have a group of these guys and they are awesome lizards! Super active and fun to watch in their terrarium, but very chill when being handled. That will hang out on your shoulder for hours. Criminally underrated in the hobby.

  27. Before he goes nuclear, the kid can do play therapy and school districts have free 3-6 year old early intervention programs for disabled kids.

  28. This. My extended family runs such homes and they’re wonderful places, not clinical institutions. The kids help with chores and do crafts, music activities, grow things in the garden, etc. it was all inspired when my aunt sustained a brain injury as a child and her mind never developed past that of a 4 year old. Her brother was inspired to make that his career. They now have 10 homes. They treat all the clients like family and have strict oversight. OP should find a place like that. Alternatively, I worked at a non-profit that offered day programs and respite options (people could drop off their children for a day or two so the parents could get rest).

  29. Are these places expensive, though? If OP is just staying afloat, it may not be an option for them on a financial level. Unless insurance would cover all/some? Or there are non-profits that would help?

  30. You should definitely get out. You are subsidizing $500/month, $$6,000/year. If you don't already, you will come to resent this. Do you even have an IRA. That right there is a fully funded yearly contribution to an IRA.

  31. She said she owns her house and wanted him to prove that he could contribute to their life together rather than just move him and his kids in - if I’m reading that right, I don’t think he currently lives with her.

  32. Disagree. In today’s world they’d just make a TikTok post crying about it and saying they’ve been the victim of war crimes.

  33. Sooo…if you’re a family and your money is joint….that means you should have access to those funds as well by her logic.

  34. Maybe he has a tracheostomy & gastrostomy. Possibly given nutrition parenterally.

  35. I would assume that it would not have gotten to this level if he had had access to the kind of medical care that a tracheostomy and/or gastrostomy would require though, right?

  36. I'm assuming flying would avoid issues like road blocks and (possible) border checks?