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  1. Seething about it, In a subreddit is just pathetic. Stop being a bitch and realize it’s just a game not everything is meant for you😂 like bruh I’m over 2700 hours in the game and I like the idea of a free trophy cabin. actually read the dev diary you’d realize it wasn’t even supposed to be a lodge anyway just a hangout spot. Grow up it’ll do you some good, cause ur fucking smooth brain.

  2. That’s an old pic from a year ago it’s not urs I know the guy who shot it 😐

  3. Oh believe me it gets frustrating seeing just how many rare cows can be on a map. On Rev I have 2 pie cows I won’t shoot and I did have an albino cow that I did shoot. All initial spawns. I also had an initial spawn albino cow on Yukon too. All I need is an albino bull😂

  4. I really want a multi mount with a cow and a bull moose so we can actually use the rare females

  5. I wouldn’t mind another flee estate type mount. Female rares don’t get enough representation. Honestly though, I’d like to see a multimount of bull moose fighting. I’ve actually seen one in Maine and it’s impressive to say the least when you see the actual scale of it. Either that or maybe a grizzly bear vs moose would be badass.

  6. I’d maybe say brown bear vs moose cause brown bear don’t have a multi mount yet

  7. That fabbled piebald was getting traded around on Xbox not long ago was by some guy name trouble I know cause I dossed him cause he was hacking

  8. Dude, the diamonds i have shot, if they were close to irl records, then the deer was nowhere near natural. I've been hunting Red Deer since i had a license, and studied them even longer. The pictute i posted, that happening in EU would be more than a Diamond. And New Zealand red deer is closer to an abomination, than a natural occurence. I'm not saying we should not have these epic trophies, i'm asking that we have a better system with red deer, because the deer i shot would be a diamond, if not better, anywhere in the EU (when we talk natural).

  9. Cellar spiders are true spiders, these are not. The term Daddy Long Legs(or other variations) are used to reference harvest men, Cellar spiders, crane flies etc.

  10. Interesting... I get that herd managing is a big part of the game and the content creators play a lot but sometimes its really suspicious how many diamonds they get in short amounts of time

  11. None of them are cheating I do the exact same thing and I’m on Xbox and I get the same results

  12. Because I wanted it to be my first diamond aswell haha. I know I'm being a bit picky, sorry 😅.

  13. Level seven has no chance of making diamond sorry and if you’re hoping for a super that’s excessive for ur first diamond

  14. Do u understand the difference between real life and a video game? I think ur the one fucked in the head

  15. What’s the difference between you and a person with Down syndrome... The person with down syndrome has more common sense than you😂😂

  16. I’m getting there... so many trolls... I’ve been grinding them and I probably have over 500 kills.

  17. Bro I’m telling you my luck is so bad. I have tents set up at every lake with moose on medved and i kill them endlessly for a good 2 hours everyday and still nothing... weeks of grinding. I did just get an albino gold the other day tho so that was nice.

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