1. Don’t be tell people that the best climbing in Arkansas isn’t at the ranch lol

  2. Stock up on flavored tobacco products to upsell in the field. Get your bag. Hustle grindset.

  3. LOWER OFF SINGLE PITCH SPORT CLIMBS, cleaning overhangs on rappel IS dumb AF, also replacing quick links is easier than replacing your life for $5 of hardware

  4. If we don’t do it, they’re going to find the stuff anyway. It’s better they know that the larger community is actively trying to keep the space clean and natural rather than continually finding stashes while other parties ignore them.

  5. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3v5znzhPpZn3JOWcRBkHYd?si=zqEFCWaFRw2ShpFGqPJgKA

  6. Get an 880 clone, or any clone saw no point in blowing up a good saw on a mill

  7. Honestly most of us are deaf as fuck from lack of ear pro use anyways. I'm sure you'll be fine

  8. Uhhhhh I don’t think going to college and a degree will help you become a faller, I also feel like if you been around you should have enough sense to what fallers are called, get better at cutting by cutting more

  9. A Stihl 362 would be a great saw for your situation. Though pulling a full comp chain at 25" bar length would be a bit much for it. Since you said budget wasn't an issue you could upgrade to a 462, or if your dealer has one in stock, a 500i. The 500i pulls a full comp chain on a 28" bar without hesitation. I'm sure there's other brands that would fit the bill just fine also, Stihl is what I know. Since you heat the house with wood I would be sticking with a pro grade saw that you can cut extensively with.

  10. Why would you run full comp unless you’re milling, semi skip hardwoods, full skip softwoods

  11. That would be nice. I came to fire from the trades, and it’s unbelievable how bad most firefighters are at estimating distance.

  12. Don’t drive with a license plate light out after 10pm in Boulder City, you will get pulled over but they’re only looking for DUIs. That area has one of the highest run rates for NPS ambulances so I reckon the engine will be on some of them as well, OT is great and all but you got to make sure it doesn’t go straight into the LV bars and strip clubs (find the cheap ones) or grab a 30 rack and chug them while wandering around the dam

  13. I’m sorry but who tf goes through all that math to run 47:1

  14. I’m a Klamath kid from Kansas, run run run and air squats (I’m a fan of time under tension), fartlek runs, mile repeats, threshold runs, trust me you can push those legs without ever needing to hike before the season starts

  15. Reynolds Saw works is building out 3 rn but they might already be spoken for. Highly recommend makes a great build

  16. Roll your own. It’s the cheapest way. Big upfront cost but it will pay for itself if you cut a lot.

  17. Seasonal jobs just closed. The only other crew is Great Lakes WFM on the Huron-Manistee. There are Helitack mods on the Superior and Mark Twain. Besides that it is all engines, most type 6.

  18. They stood up a few more helitack mods, midewin and a few more

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