1. assuming you get the same amount of EM from substats and no extra EM buffs, 4pc gilded would be ~3-4% better, 4pc flowers would be ~7-8% better than 2pc2pc

  2. So just stay with what I have? That's what I get from what you're saying. Lol.

  3. if that increase isn't very significant for you, then yeah stick with 2pc2pc. it wouldn't change with alhaitham

  4. I play on mobile and basically both teams are pew pew pew mindless. Lol. I kinda need to coz of 300+ ping at times. Lol. 36 is doable. Even did at 500 ping one time. Lol.

  5. Shu Lain if it's the mid season tournament. Bell and Rashad if it's they are the season protagonists. Valt and Aiger if it's the end of the series tournament.

  6. The boyfriend in Alita is so bad he has single-handedly stopped me from rewatching it on mutliple occassions.

  7. Yup. Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I was actively cheering to what happened to the character towards the end. And you can see the lead up to it, too. It almost made up for all his screen time. Lol

  8. Agree! I haven't seen this episode yet though. Recently started binging the show and was impressed with the first time he spoke Filipino/Tagalog straight in sentences. I believe it was a call asking his aunt/parent/relative when he first learned that he was undocumented. I had the exact same thought. Wow, diretso at natural yung pagsasalita ng Filipino. First time I've seen it in a sitcom like this.

  9. Dope! I would respectfully suggest that you pace yourself. The shift of having too much things to do to daily commissions and juat the events could be a deal breakeelr down the line. Better to savor every step of the way.

  10. Based. I rarely see tier list posts i actually agree with to this level. I couldn't see anyone that I aggressively disagree with.

  11. That is the best goblet I've seen period. I don't even care if it's not Electro dmg. It's on set, it has no wasted stat, EM and ER are great.

  12. Paul Rudd. He's got a surefire blockbuster movie coming soon.

  13. Yeah the base game needs house rules and personal testing to feel balanced.

  14. Is Alhaitham's playable model actually buffer than Itto?

  15. Manifesting a Chongyun, Collei, Layla banner for Dehya. Fish or Dori instead of Layla is probably more realistic.

  16. Any tips vs Mekk knights? In general and maybe specific counters?

  17. Depends on what deck you are playing, generally speaking, they have a hard time dealing with Steelswarm Roach and if you have a negation effect (be it Chalice, Fiendish Chain or any other) save it for Morning Star after it discards a card. Besides those, if you say which deck you are playing, it might get easier to find some counter play

  18. Returning player and the decks I rotate a lot with are Dark Magician, Shiranui, Lightsworns. My one single win against them was when I drew perfectly with DM. You'd think DM should have some advantage since it revolves around a vanilla, but yeah that skill drain effect is just too good. Even if you get a chance to peel their board, if you can't do it fully, they come back next turn and you have no more resources.

  19. Just use the top 4, it's already decent! Ayato + Fischel + Beidou + Sayu!

  20. Idk man, I personally think it's a bad idea to plaster the brand of your secret organization that boldly.

  21. HYV is more likely to revise and have epitomized on standard banner (but even then i wouldnt hold my breath).

  22. The teen males models use their bows horizontally so maybe in the future? Not holding my breath for it tho.

  23. I'm no expert, just leaving my two cents. Someone who's actually read the rules might have a better take. But you can house rule it for the time if you're actually playing right now. Lol.

  24. With HBO's Last of Us adaptation releasing soon, which videogame would want to have a dark and gritty adaptation? What would be your pitch for it?

  25. Gen Z language is practically nonsense to me. I'm too embarassed to ask elsewhere, so I ask you guys. What is "rizz"? What does it mean to have Rizz? Could you use it in a sentence?

  26. Infuse kazuha's Q with pyro, by using Bennett Q first. Do charged attacks with Raiden.

  27. In the rotation you're describing when do you E with Kazuha? Is there enough time to keep Kazu's a4 passive with Electro by the time you get to Raiden?

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