1. Waiting for my main. Thanks. I hope people still play the game when my main come. If she has a chance.

  2. Let them think what they want as long as it keeps them out

  3. Cursing someone with ff14 over soccer? Very Kappa moment

  4. That's right. Free speech on kappa is more important than protecting someone who doesn't even read this sub

  5. It also seems 50/50 everytime whether the comments are agreeing with the OP or not

  6. Depends on if OP is acting like a bitch or being funny. You can get away with saying a lot here if you're also being funny.

  7. i think is just that his face doesn't match his swoleness.

  8. May i ask what is a twink? Im not americano

  9. Sorry, that wasn't meant to imply low quality. I was trying to say seeing Athalia at 209 felt painful to me when most of her usefulness comes from the 30.

  10. Whales get a bad rep alot of the time, if this works and Lilith doesn't patch it out somehow then maybe the whales aren't so bad after all.

  11. Everyone knows all the dudes in Tekken fuck each other on the daily.

  12. They put in the character that makes the most sense being ported to Strive from a gameplay point of view and it gets scoffed at.

  13. Those are both valid complaints. Also, kappa isn't a hivemind, someone is bound to make a post.

  14. Luke's arms are horribly disgusting, but the rest of his character is really growing on me.

  15. Game awards vs fighting games is a 10-0 matchup. "How can we muddy the waters?"

  16. For some reason fgc people think the scripted writing for wrestling is what happens in the fgc. If you trying to be a heel in real life you're just an asshole.

  17. Why you getting downvoted? People acting like Punk talking shit then getting washed isn't funny.

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