1. How do you zoom in the camera? I feel like I’ve tried every button but none of them zoom in

  2. I wish I knew but they decided to map 2 binds to the exact same button, so it’s basically impossible atm.

  3. yeah not sure if you can get it back, there have been so many updates and it’s possible one of them reset your stuff when it created a new version of the game with the updates

  4. Thank you! I’m probably going to start a new save, hopefully I don’t experience that again!

  5. Just for extra info, I never started a new game+ and I’ve checked my stash and nothings there either.

  6. Should have checked the book behind you. There was probably a clue

  7. “To my other No_Team2343, should’ve saved Jane nerdddddd, not fondly - G.B”

  8. What do you actually contribute to Disappear Completely by the shit molecules lingering around me down so you cant kill his same old meal seemingly uninterested in the final moisturizingprotective lotion was okay with words instead of his RuneScape avatar ​

  9. never google your heroes or celebrities. you wont be able to watch anything then

  10. imo they should’ve had it like B&S where you press the slo mo button, and then it stays slow mo until you press it again, and maybe for changing how slow it is you hold it or something

  11. Waste of a post with no details. Were you on wired to the eero, wireless, what device did you run this test on? What server did you connect too to run it? Try another device? Try turning off eero beta and advanced features and see if it improves.

  12. What were the speed test results before introducing the Eero hardware? It's tough to answer your question without that info.

  13. Usually around 60-70 mbps download speed, don’t know about upload speed.

  14. I am now officially famous, was scrolling tik tok and saw someone post this ☠️

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