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  1. “basically drive a race car” i would like to see said car

  2. DAMMIT YOU STOLE THE KARMA FROM ME😂😂😂 I went there a couple weeks ago and was going to post the pics here but just hadn’t yet💀

  3. Bro seeing a 7 million dollar car vs a kit car doesn't reflect on you in any way. Why is this so important to you?

  4. Because it’s a child (I assume a child due to the fact that they’re sitting in the second row seating of the vehicle in which they occupy based on the distance of the dash from OP), who is desperate for internet points and meaningless attention.

  5. As opposed to an adult who is desperate for internet points and meaningless attention, which is just what Redditors are.

  6. Factual. Idk why but specifically Reddit is just such a hungry platform full of attention-seekers

  7. There’s a alternate view of this that is WAY better.

  8. Where? Looked just about everywhere I can think of and couldn’t find anything

  9. I knew someone was going to ask. I can’t find it now but this is a repost/crosspost from SOMEWHERE that I saw it before. It’s out of Indiana. Wherever I saw it before there was an alternate angle seems like it’s from the direction the pedestrian was walking. You see dude walking closer to the camera then this car come in and how it misses him. It’s insane.

  10. I actually do know what we are talking about, but it sells the joke a little better if I pretend I don’t know what “blowing a seal” means, haha.

  11. i’d go and steal a couple cars down at the local Mercedes dealership and have a fun night

  12. If you’re still considered a minor in your country and if you don’t contribute any money towards the purchase of your phone and/or the monthly phone bill, then it should be perfectly acceptable for your parents to search through your phone as it’s not really yours.

  13. you know there’s gonna be that one dude who panics and just rips the thing off without thinking..

  14. What would be the rating on the movie? Tryna get my family to go but I have 15 year old and 13 year old sisters so need to make sure it’s not too extreme lol

  15. I’d check out the trailer and see how you/they feel about it. I’d say it’s pg 13. I’m binging my teen. He thought the trailer was fun and hilarious and is generally not a fan of anything scary or gory so if it leaned to much in that direction it would be a quick no from him.

  16. Well we watched the trailer and my dad is no longer super excited about it because he thinks it kinda looks stupid now lol but i’ll do my best to get him on board. i could go without him but where’s the fun in going to the movies alone?😅

  17. The problem is that there are some ads i genuinely enjoy and I have found some good products from YouTube ads (like Dr.Squatch deodorant, i freaking love them now and won’t use anything else), but then there’s the other ads that I just can’t stand, and those are the ones i seem to get bombarded with lol

  18. A lot of Classic American cars. Went there to sell a car, a lot of fun things but yeah underwhelming if you're looking for anything other than American

  19. Settings, display and brightness, Truetone. It would be underneath the brightness slider. It adjusts the color temp of the display to be nicer on your eyes but often lost when a third party display is installed

  20. Sorry for the delay in my response, Truetone is not there.

  21. Then yes it has had a replacement display and a poor quality one at that. I would return it.

  22. Damn that sucks. Do you know how much it would cost to get a new display? I don’t wanna send it back because I’m kinda pissed that I’ve now gone through 2 phones and neither have worked. Bought them through Amazon who says they “professionally inspect and quality check” the device to ensure it “works and looks like new” and obviously that’s a load of horseshit lol.

  23. It’s a “The Rehearsal” reference

  24. lovable skull is a new one to me but i’ll take it😂❤️

  25. Don’t worry, if we’re gonna talk about new cars that look worse than the previous gen I’d rather talk about the new M2

  26. Do you have a local homeless shelter near your workplace? If so I’d band together and see if you can start a “workplace tradition” of sorts to go and give all of the bread to the homeless people before it fully expires. 1000% better than just throwing it all away.

  27. I might get banned from the sub for this but I made a few (pretty lame) lines about school shooting awhile back. I’d say don’t judge but I’m fully aware that they’re awful lol💀

  28. Yeah I changed it around a bit. Here’s my slightly revised version:

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