1. 16... thank god for the class "easy going" girl. She was awsome, did the favour for most of the ugly or unpopular guys in class. Every class should have one of those.

  2. I never saw anything but apparently people had sex in the toilets and that was it

  3. My school was unbelievably bland. No real cool or interesting or odd things that happened, everyone was boring and I didn’t like it.

  4. Im surprised nobody wrote school shooter, that's strangely wholesome.

  5. I disagree. But carry on going “k” on peoples responses that you don’t agree with. It is obvious that you are a NEUTRAL person with no opinions at all 😂 lmfao

  6. These replies are shockingly funny, makes me wanna take a stab at it.

  7. Practice, practice, practice. Besides, how can you know if you fit if you don't check?

  8. bhai ganna suicide seh related hain 🗿

  9. mujhe singularity nai karna tha yaar select baki kai logg ka achha hain

  10. Hashtag laga kar age shuruwat karna apne vakya ki

  11. One time , ajd one more thing both have high graphics , if your device cant support genshin , honkais graphics wont look very good , but its similar to genshin so a good alternative

  12. I guess , yes , not a mobile gamer but i am sure u will have to

  13. 1 year later I saw your reply and I honestly laughed due to the fact I actually came to this sub in the first place

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