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  1. CNA here and make an additional $20 an hour for extra hours. That's literally more than my base pay, and we don't get paid very much so it's a lot.

  2. CNA here. Ive often wondered about this. I get paid extra plus overtime for my extra days. The bonus pay is more than my base. Then when you add on the overtime im killing it. And ive asked over and over if they can afford to pay me so many hours for the bonus why isn't it my regular bonus? Just for people who are wondering. Im working way more hours bonus than regularly scheduled

  3. I am a .2 but work 40+ hours a week so I am racking it in. I luckily am still on my parents insurance so that's the only way this works logistically.

  4. Stay mad, making people feel bad online must make you feel real big.

  5. Check stone house Apts, they are mostly downtown but there are a couple outside and they are reasonable.

  6. I've found an amazing hill by the gas station(not the main two) and I pivot around with an sr-25 and a thermal and usually kill 4-6 people per raid as they migrate around that entire region. I am a terminator and I feel like it.

  7. It's the hill on weather station side next to the power plant along the water, I sit under the tree on the edge and get covered by the branches and able to see 360(so far haven't been spotted more than 1-2 times out of 10 or so raids. People just don't look there because it seems too, open and strange to camp.

  8. May I ask how old you are? Just curious, since you said it wasn't a picnic. I'm vaccinated and boosted but I can't escape covid forever. I'm afraid it's going to hit me like a truck. 😬

  9. I was triple vaxxed and never had it up until last week(probably got it in Vegas ngl) and it really wasn't too bad, I have asthma so obviously my lungs didn't take it well and it really can get hard to breathe after a lot of activity now so theres that. Guess I have to pack an inhaler with me(haven't used one for over 5 years since highschool)(21M)

  10. The accessory pack is worth about $25 CAD, so you got a Hero7 Black for $300 CAD. Do a google and see what they're going for and then do the math to see if you got a steal.

  11. I want a detailed price check on every accessory since that is valued way above $25US let alone CAD

  12. The person selling it listed it at 280 and I offered 120 and he sold it for that. I honestly should have set my floor lower because it seemed like he was just looking for some quick money.

  13. Shit, $120 for that? You literally robbed that kid, good grab.

  14. I know I'll get flamed for this but lvl 10 flea makes sense when it comes to progression. If I had flea I could just buy the keys or barter items, and actually move along with my hideout. I'll get there eventually, but flea at 15 seems kinda pointless after a week into the wipe.

  15. It was lvl 20 last or two wipes ago before the bumped it down to 15. Was the best wipe I had ever played since everyone had shit-tear stuff for like a month

  16. Yeah but that's not really due to the lvl requirement, it's because the flea market had a bunch of gear restricted now.

  17. Is it beyond fair to say both because it takes causal players a couple weeks to a month to hit 20 and then they still can't just become cake lords because of the restrictions, it just opens up the ability to become more financially prosperous. No reason to exclude one or the other but it takes more skill to hit lvl 20 than 10 including hideout progression, management of inventory and access to keys for quest progression. The longer it takes to get flea the longer the early wipe is for most people.

  18. S02E08 - Asses To Ashes, Sluts To Dust

  19. I had a nephrology md help me boost a patient the other day which was amazing since I didn't even know he was an MD till after. He just said sure and put on some gloves

  20. It really does feel magical sometimes when a non RN/CNA helps with turning and positioning

  21. They're more scared of a physical confrontation with us than we are of them. Squatting isn't theft, btw. When you steal something, someone looses what you stole. When you squat a house, the deed holder still owns it.

  22. It's still trespassing though, like no shit you can't steal a house.

  23. Okay I get his fear though, someone was just able to walk up behind him and tap him on the back, in his mind right now people could just walk up and shoot him in the head since he just pissed off over half of the country.(I don't condone violence as an option but he doesn't deserve to be respected as a politician nor an individual)

  24. As a Wisconsinite, "guys" is the gender neutral form of guys. It could be 99 females and 1 male, I'm calling them guys. it could be 100 females and 0 males, I'll still say "oh hows-er goin' guys," doesn't matter still guys.

  25. The protestors might force you to get an abortion. Best option is to just not go home tonight or maybe all weekend.

  26. I saw some comment from a faculty member and said in summary" yada yada it's not trivial yada yada 'intellectually social activities' yada yada" pertaining to going to MATC first. I'll help you out here, that is load of horseshit/doesn't really make any sense. I was a slightly above average student in HS. Could have applied to Madison, choose not to. So I took classes at UW FDL Oshkosh for 2 years, MATC is a paradise compared to that actual shit hole. After I did my time and walked away with ~80 credits I applied to Madison and transferred in. I missed the first 2 years of dorming and partying and all that crap and I don't personally miss it at all. There's so much to take advantage of at community college, if you can't make friends there then you can't make them at a big school where the class size is 200 students in a lecture hall compared to 10-30 students in a small class setting. Not getting a roommate freshmen year does make it so you don't have a built in friend and bit joking a frat/sorority means you can't pay to have friends either but good friends take effort and time. All the social clubs are always open especially the "intellectually orientated." Do what is best for you but getting amazing grades in college means you'll never have to do that again vs bad grades. Also side note, all core science classes for college are substantially easier at community college and I can't elaborate if you want.

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