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  1. This news sounds as backward as a Prohibition era raid on someone’s booze stash.

  2. They should announce this as a "joke" to test the waters and if there's enough interest in the service they should do it for real. (The train part, not the annexation part).

  3. I've had all my dental work done in Eastern Europe; could never really afford the dentist in the States.

  4. When you're being sent to the Ukrainian front but your military doesn't provide first aid kits.

  5. The original is the Hans Christian Andersen story, fuck off with that corporatized Disney crap.

  6. They should change the name to Right Wing Sausage Party to better reflect their key demographics.

  7. Can you put a lightbulb in your mouth and make it light up like Uncle Fester?

  8. Regulating corporations and consumer goods is fascism, but not allowing your voting citizens to have a drink until 21 or banning a significant portion of your female citizens from bodily autonomy is NOT fascist?

  9. When bootlicking is no longer enough; now you've got to slobber on some random copper's knob.

  10. Nie, gdy rozmawiasz z polakiem to raczej zrozumie, że chodzi Ci o pralnię chemiczną

  11. A w jaki sposób można odróżnić np. "laundromat" od "dry cleaner" od "laundry room"? To są trzy zupełnie inne pojęcia.

  12. Wg mnie rzeczownik będzie taki sam (ewentualnie można dodać przymiotnik), różnice raczej pokaże to, jak skontruujemy zdanie.

  13. Czyli te różne miejsca istnieją, ale polskie słownictwo ich nie rozróżnia, a za to każdy Polak jakimś cudem wie kiedy chodzi o chemiczną a kiedy o taką na monety?

  14. Jesus couldn't shut up about how much he hated the rich and handed out free food and healthcare without calling anyone a freeloader.

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