1. Where do you get those shoulders ?

  2. Looks like it’s a time walking mage tower set from my googling

  3. I’m not sure what mage tower is maybe a dungeon of some kind during time walking? Idk but I want them too I’ll look into later when I’m off work

  4. Lmao is this in response to the self ego boost thread posted by the 2600 SS DH? 😆

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldofpvp/comments/10lugdo/youre_right_solo_shuffle_is_not_the_same_as_3s/

  6. I kept my talents the same except for adding exorcism and I’m still doing great dps when I was farming sparks, have yet try any arena or bg

  7. Lol Dana prob could have paid those idiots 500/500 and they would have done it

  8. Does Mexican coke taste different than the American kind?

  9. They use cane sugar instead of corn syrup, I think it’s more crisp

  10. 3rd one seems out of place with his casual hiking attire tbh

  11. Dude is playing MM hunt and complaining about getting one shotted. Oh the irony

  12. I know lmao they are like 50 cal machine guns right now, if you don’t immediately pop defensives on opening burst from a mm hunter you’re done

  13. I think he expresses himself very clearly for English being his second or 3rd language. Maybe turn your volume up or clean your ears

  14. Drug addicts with guns, better not mess with their gang

  15. https://www.wowhead.com/dressing-room#fz80M0zJ8z9M8a8I8s8o8q8znk8b8zxA8fh8M2Q8d8zh8fu8M218sc8zyq8fG8M3M8k58zdI877NpVH808S558MFY87M4sg8MEz87Md2a808vYh808YSM8MRc8pVe808YSc8MRc8UV5808Pwg87s

  16. For me it's gotta be Nadav that is the coolest. His annoying laugh that he forces in sometimes, the fact he deleted a whole ass episode once. They guy is so UNCOOL that it inadvertently makes him the COOLEST.

  17. You do realize that the guys in the video got shot exactly because they couldn't hold their mouth shut, then you call someone an idiot?

  18. Sorry that a guy gunning down unarmed defenseless shit talkers was up for debate whether or not he was a “good guy” with a gun…you’re a fucking idiot too.

  19. I didn't say there were good guys or bad guys, I'm just saying insulting random people sometimes has deadly consequences, and if after watching that video your first reaction is to do exactly what they did... that's worrying.

  20. I mean I'm sorry dude but this fight was fun AF to watch. There's many boring holding them fights, that just gets totally discredited by people saying the same for fights like this.

  21. Yea the kids that say this type of stuff don’t appreciate the sport as a whole

  22. Just my opinion and I do enjoy ground and pound but this shit boring considering how big the skill gap was. Why was rinat playing it so safe

  23. I'll be generous and say 1/16 bantu ancestry. It won't matter. All that money will go back into the economy in Newports and Hennessey by next week.

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