Yuri Knorozov, the linguist who deciphered the Maya script, 1953. He listed his cat Asya as a co-author on his work but the editors always removed her. He always used this photo with Asya as his author photo and got pissed whenever editors cropped her out

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  1. Worst pasta shape ever, They stick to each other and they offer nothing 18 million other varieties cannot do better.

  2. One wrap to rule them all, one wrap to find them, One wrap to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

  3. Couple of thoughts. First: good for you for getting through it and sounding like you give a damn. Whatever you do, don't lose the give a damn attitude. It will carry you through the shit and separate you from the cynics and people just going through the motions.

  4. Mad as a hatter, but a comedic genius. I wish he was alive today to find out what his car is worth.

  5. The hood might be a problem if you are in an apartment kitchen that does not vent to the outside. If that is the case, the air passes through filters and then back into the room. If the filters are clean it will help reduce odors, but will do nothing to eliminate moisture. A pressure cooker or Instant Pot will go a long way toward improving that particular issue, and there is an added bonus. They will pull all the collagen out of the bones and convert it to gelatin. About 90 minutes is all you need.

  6. Was the Wok you previously cooked on flat bottomed or round? Yes this is a trick question.

  7. Depends what you are charging for this. If it is under $15 then you are doing fine. If it is more...

  8. Let her make everything while you contemplate the differences between various whiskeys. Face it, it is important to her and you love her. Less work for you and more time to compare whiskeys.

  9. A quick web search for “33 Thomas Street New York” returns this

  10. Here is a theory I've been working on for the past several decades: People are assholes.

  11. People often say technique is the biggest factor in food release but my technique is the same with all my knives so for me, i find that tsuchime finish releases food better than kurouchi finish.

  12. At least one Oscar winner in this flick, and who knows what can happen in the future?

  13. Few things: this will not be the most creative environment, seniors are dealing with issues that as a young person you may not understand. The meals they know help to ground them and act as moments they can rely on to relax before the stresses of the rest of the day. As a cook, you know exactly how some flavors or aromas can reach reach deeply into your subconscious before you ever think critically. Try to imagine how a person who has dealt with Earth's gravity for almost a century, and has struggled through the morning with just the thought of today's menu to look forward to would react only to find that it is different or gone.

  14. Pretty sure I heard that Vladimir Guerrero did this as a kid. Explains how you can hit a home run off a ball in the dirt

  15. In the dirt, 3 feet off the plate, a foot over his head - Didn't matter. I think that half of his Hall of Fame votes were based on pure astonishment. I saw him hit a ball to straight away center field at Olympic Stadium that never got more than 30 feet off the ground and still cleared the fence. The only person I've seen since then who even comes close is, guess who; his son.

  16. I can’t. I picked that number out of thin air for the joke.

  17. Prefer my Greek Salad sliced not diced. Slices of tomato, sliced red onion, slabs of feta on top,

  18. Alcohol is your friend. It numbs you and takes away the pain. Stick to Vodka. It has the least impurities and your next day will not be a misery. When my wife was dying she gave me permission to go down this route. Every night I came home from the hospital it was the only way I could get to sleep so I could wake up again and do whatever I could to keep her alive. Anyway, Vodka.

  19. That’s messed up , wonder what the reason for censorship on a non problematic post that had solid advice ....glad you reposted !

  20. Honestly re read the post and see NOTHING that looks punishable... maybe they messed up ... 🤷‍♀️

  21. Still not sure what to do with mine. I lived (hah) in the house we bought together for 3 years after she passed. It felt like I was living in her museum. Every square inch of that fricken place held a memory, and it was impossible to move forward. So, now I've been in a new place for almost 6 months and I still haven't figured out what goes on the walls. She never saw this house, she never drove down this street, but she was my love. How much of her do I display?

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