1. Lmao not trolling. It’s rude that you say it’s just a doll cause people who can’t have kids get reborns and it helps with other stuff to. Didn’t know it was hard to mind your own “Bro”.

  2. 🤣 does it have a heartbeat? No. Does it have a brain? No. Therefore a reborn is still a doll it’s in its very definition. Don’t twist this for your narrative here I’m not making fun of the purpose of a reborn. I simply commented on the song chosen for a doll that has no hands. What does that have anything to do with the purpose of a reborn?

  3. I missed this live because I was getting my son ready for school and dropping him off.

  4. Kenzie has been going live and talking about bri and how they are suing her and shit

  5. Haha so what’s their plan? To sue bri for her $30 doordash gift card? Haha that girl doesn’t have a dollar to her name that wasn’t given to her 🤣 people ….🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  6. Anyone part of the mistyismyheart account? Maybe she’s going live there. I noticed it was set to private

  7. She’s banned from live there for a year I believe

  8. I’ve noticed you’re only safe from being blocked if you kiss her ass

  9. It’s a form of dry begging. She almost slipped up the other day and said she hopes she has a good birthday with lots of happy wishes however I think she almost wanted to say she hopes she gets a lot of gifts. I can’t remember her words exactly but she stumbled her words where you could tell she wanted to promote her wish list or something

  10. I heard that too!! I think she said “I hope I get lots of….love from y’all. And NO DRAMA.” 💀💀💀

  11. My favorite part is when she said Reddit is the reason she can’t get a job 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Very well said! And none of it can be turned around or misconstrued as “bullying” which is what bri would resort to if/when she reads this (imho she is too egocentric to not look and read what people are saying good or bad. Attention is attention to her) she can’t claim she is being bullied here bc what you’re saying is all pure and simple observations of truth. Bullying would mean exaggerating or fluffing the truth at the expense of her. This is not the case. Especially how you ended it with a recommendation of perspective. I love this! Poster of the day award goes to you my friend 🏆

  13. My first question if that is the case. Who buys the dog food? Who pays the water bill for the water she drinks? And don’t get me started on any vet bills. If she pays for her dog food (somehow) then sure she can be labeled a dog mom. It’s clear that dog loves her but to claim full responsibility for a pet that means taking full responsibility financially as well. But hey I’ll ply devils advocate and say she pays for her own dogs food but when there’s dry begging for Doordash going on I highly doubt it.

  14. Exactly!! Tell yesterday she said she didn’t have to bath misty for fleas or something along those lines cause she did once when she was little..she’s the furthest thing from a dog mom it’s insane to be how hard she rights to be REAL mom when she’s not

  15. Well I’ll give her credit for not bathing her now because it’s not flea season. Too cold (unless she already has fleas) usually want to bathe dogs for fleas in the beginning of spring and summer and that’s a short term preventative. but most fleas are repellent to the cheap soaps and liquids you pour on their backs now. They’ve evolved (my vet told us that) So the best thing for fleas, in my experience (bc my dog is allergic to flea bites so we HAVE to stay on top of it) is a chewable that you can only buy at a vet. And it’s not cheap.

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