1. The Latin American guy who went on adventures with his cat. Some pos poisoned it out of jealousy and someone shared a video of this poor dude sobbing while holding his dead cat. It was fucked up.

  2. And if you jump from too high, it just rips your head off.

  3. I have a story about that. There's a guy where I live who killed two women 30 some years ago and was given the death sentence by hanging. Everyone knows it takes forever before the actual execution takes place and this guy knew it, too. What did he do? He made sure to gain as much weight as he could and was around 400 and something pounds and filed some sort of a lawsuit stating his execution would be "cruel and unusual punishment" because he knew his fat ass would tear his head off. Guy played the long game and ended up dying from a heart attack six years after he won his suit.

  4. Oh wow! I know that case! I read about it when it happened (I’m a lawyer and even though it’s not my area, it’s the sort of story that makes the rounds).

  5. It was pretty big news when I was a kid and I remember everyone was talking about it. If I remember right, he shot and killed the two women at the Thurston County Courthouse over something stupid? I'm not sure because it was so long ago. Mitchell Rupe was his name I think? Or something very similar.

  6. My wife does it all the time when I ask if she's annoyed with me. Usually followed by a nod down, followed by a nod up, then another nod down and then another....

  7. Bill Nye the Science Guy and Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam. I worked at a ski resort for several seasons and Bill Nye was eating in the lodge when I met him and Stone was snowboarding with his dad. Funny thing is, Stone's dad would come up all the time and I never put the two and two together.

  8. And fuck you over there, and over there and over there... Especially you. Over there.

  9. I dgaf if anyone thinks I was a douche or overstepped a boundary. I didn't want anyone getting sick or dying and I'll be damned if I didn't do anything about this.

  10. That's fine, but do you have the time and energy to satisfy a partner who wants to have sex 10 times a day? and hold a job? I just can't keep up.

  11. I was 18 or 19. I was sleeping in when a friend of mine came over and woke me up and told me what happened. Turned the news on and 30 seconds later, the second plane hit.

  12. My mom. Found out she cheated on my "dad" a few years before he died and I was the by product. Ironically enough, my "dad" was murdered for cheating on my mom exactly one month after my fourth birthday.

  13. Are you sure it's an American Racing wheel? It looks like a 100 spoke knockoff and I don't think they make wires.

  14. Not really a "major city", but I live in Olympia and it's turned into a shit show.

  15. Imagine coming home after a night getting wasted and this is the first thing you see.

  16. That's a form they generate to report payments and transactions. At that amount, you should not get that form from them.

  17. I made way more at my job than I did selling a couple of Hot Wheel in Facebook. That shouldn't affect anything right?

  18. Worst case is you get audited and you have to pay the missing tax and possible a fine. They'll also look deeper at that point as well, so anything else you didn't report could be found.

  19. I don't think I have anything to worry about then. Hell, I welcome an audit at this point.

  20. Ahhh I guess I was asking for it. I was hitting upper mountain after it had just opened so it was rocky territory. So I'm pretty I dinged my edge when I ate shit on the mogol hill. But I got that new board it's a evol any thoughts on that?

  21. Always, always, always have a rock board for early season. As far as Evil, I don't have enough experience to give an honest opinion.

  22. I worked at Blockbuster when I was a teenager and I'd wipe everyone's late fees out whenever they asked. Probably the reason why I got fired. Lol

  23. Already commented this on someone else's comment, but my dad is buried next to Jimi Hendricks.

  24. I had lived in Seattle for years and I always meant to go to Jimi Hendrix's grave. Finally after a friend was in town we decided to do it. My friend had a great idea, we stopped at a small store and bought butcher paper and crayons. This was Jimi's old grave which was just a headstone, not the more elaborate shrine they have now. We traced impressions with the butcher paper and crayons. It was way cool, and I still have the paper.

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