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  1. Those have always been there, internally. Let's look at RDNA 2, specifically N21, for example:

  2. Honest question, as an AMD 6800xt enjoyer am I screwed with titles like this?

  3. Believe it or not, I still haven't got the last one I need

  4. Shoreline safes. Trust me. I’ve been in multiple raids in a row where teammates found the one they needed in pier/cottage/weather station safes.

  5. Hmm I might give it a go, I never usually play shoreline, still gotta learn it lol

  6. It’s honestly a pretty simple map once you get to know it. Way less confusing than Woods or Interchange (for me). Also really good for scav stash runs.

  7. Damn so much diversity! What model new balance in the 2nd pic? They’re dope.

  8. Take it from a woman who is a grandmother, mother and once a young woman....been there, done that...kick him to the curb!

  9. The fact that she apologized and then he kept rubbing it in/going on about it feels sketchy as hell. People like that like having something to hold over you so they can set up a power dynamic where they have the advantage… stay away.

  10. Using that headset in rain gave me tinnitus. Oh you wanted to hear something over the rain? Better crank up your volume to 11

  11. God I love/hate the rain so much. On the one hand I don’t feel like I have to creep around the map, on the other hand it’s like rubbing two pieces of sand paper together turned up to 11

  12. Ya true it isn’t that bad to bite the bullet and lower your sound knowing no one is hearing shit without going deaf. I can’t believe they haven’t updated at least the monsoon sound yet lol we’re more than emotionally affected by that one

  13. Yeah it’s almost like the current state of Tarkov audio makes the game less enjoyable or something. Some aspects are cool though, I just wish some things weren’t so loud.

  14. ICA first Fridays parties aren’t black tie but they are the more reliably fashionable recurring event in Boston that I know of. So if you just want to dress fancy but not specifically a tux, or are up for modifying your tux into something a little more groovy, see you first Friday of the month at the ICA!

  15. Unpaid internships are a relic that needs to be abolished. Cost of living and education are too high for corporations to get away with not paying people for work. Unionize

  16. They’re also inequitable. Not everybody can afford to do an unpaid internship for an extended period of time.

  17. I just opened a green stash that only had an ammo making kit but no tool kit :/

  18. Ammo making kit counts as a “toolkit.” I think “crafting kit” is probably a better way to phrase that. Every green stash has a “crafting kit.”

  19. If you decide to get the game but are thinking about waiting for a wipe don’t wait, start playing now. Yes, everybody will have better gear than you, but nobody will be doing the starter quests and you can start the next wipe with a bit of map knowledge and what to get done first. Starting fresh at the beginning of a wipe is a little bit like entering a meat grinder because everybody’s competing for the same things, and most people will know more than you and have a slight competitive advantage.

  20. Looks like the GPU had an unfortunate smelting accident goldmember voice

  21. Ok, I have more or less unlimited computer spending money. And I run a similar setup because I love getting good bang-per-buck.

  22. I have an 11400f with a 6800xt. Please talk me out of buying a new cpu while things are cheap for Black Friday.

  23. Built my PC with my only help being YouTube and forums. You’ll be just fine!

  24. Please see if your school offers academic support services and when you can do a drop in consultation. They are extremely helpful in getting you the necessary accommodations such as extended time on tests, a quiet testing environment, academic coaching, counseling, etc. even if you otherwise get good grades it’s not about how good your grades are, it’s about how much harder you have to work for them. There’s no shame in getting the help you need.

  25. oh I was there all right. I was watching Tarkov since the first open alpha(s) on Twitch, and oh boy it was horrible. Anti cheat wasn't even implemented so when it started getting popular on twitch cheaters were everywhere. I remember labs (or was it shoreline?) coming out in one of the really early betas it was a mess lol

  26. I wish I got to experience the old recoil system before they updated it.

  27. Which recoil system are you talking about? I have seen so many changes to the system I can't even remember.

  28. Whatever one everybody complains about now lmao. I’ve only been playing since about halfway through last wipe. I just hate how the gun has such an insane initial jump.

  29. Don't know much about these to confirm its authenticity but I'd be surprised if they made fakes of them


  31. It sucks when you have a 3-hour session and you realize at the end you spent more time in menus kitting/waiting for friends/loading than in raid. Deaths are punishing not because of the gear loss but mostly because of the time loss IMO

  32. Yeah when I started playing I was that guy.. I’d be surprised if most people aren’t. But after a while if you haven’t gotten into the habit of having a few kits ready to go before you play with people you’re just being selfish.

  33. I think the problem is that any little movement screams IM RIGHT HERE. ADS, turn, open inventory, pull out a grenade, even the slowest walking speed, everything makes a noise. You can’t hold ADS because of the arm stamina mechanic. So flanking in a building and playing it slow and careful isn’t rewarded. It is better than nothing but it will still broadcast where you’re coming from. It’s better to just go charging in and hope desync helps you out… so basically the same tactic as call of duty.

  34. I found that article off-putting actually I'm interested you liked it. I thought it was rather ironic the author who clearly has a high opinion of himself spent most of the article criticizing these "hipsters with huge egos"

  35. “Arrogant hipster bores who spend the show at each other’s throats” meanwhile on the actual show this writer must not have watched the contestants literally group hug and break down into tears when people go home lol

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