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  1. hey i know this is a year old but personally i got my tinkers tools textures back by pressing f3 + T to reload textures and i get to keep sodium too

  2. Thanks mate the tools look so much better now. Looks like the comments in a year old reddit post can still help

  3. I tried bunch of forge versions and 40.1.30 seems to be compatible with optifine. You might need to switch back a version or two in a couple of mods (It was 4 mods for us) but other than that It's working.

  4. It really is? Happy birthday then πŸŽ‰

  5. Do like in RLCraft , you need to find flint for then mine stone with it

  6. Some people take shipping way too seriously, to the point that it takes over enjoyment of what the game actually is. Like you have your headcanon and that’s fine, but since no ships are canon, understand that not everyone will ever agree if you try to claim it’s canon.

  7. Its funny that volume 1 (log, sugar and jellybean) is worth more if you buy it seperately, but volume 2 (milk, flour, wool, berries) is worth more of you buy the bundle. The bundle is 4 factories at the price of 3 Dont know what they are smoking deciding these prices

  8. 1.16+ Immersive engineering ingot textures if you don't use a ore processing compatability mod

  9. Maybe Im the only one who uses the virgin curseforge launcher. On said launcher, when a modpack is updated, you can either update directly on the current installation you have, or you create a new profile with everything reset and have it update it there. Its like downloading the modpack again without deleting the previous version.

  10. tbh I kinda hate how curseforge does it, I'd rather manually update and copy all my settings/worlds over just in case the new version breaks anything

  11. Never had that happened to me, but if it did, then so be it. Time to find another modpack to quench my insatiable lust for playing modpacks and not finishing them

  12. CROB is not easy. I stopped playing because i got stuck in a level, and no matter what i did, the points i got were never enough.

  13. If you ever find yourself wanting to play it again, join the official discord server and we would help out as much as possible. Its a simple, yet great game.

  14. This is one of the more unique modern house designs Ive seen! Instead of a rectangular block with some odds and ends its slanted. The living area inside seems really spacious as well.

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