1. You think being able to chain on missed dodge attacks would help or just better recovery?

  2. The main thing would be to improve her range / tracking. I can't tell you how many times I've unbalanced someone with revenge and threw a heavy out of instinct only to see my PK phase right through my target that's right infront of me and whiff. But, yeah. Improving her dodge attack recoveries or make them chainable would be nice. It currently feels incredibly stiff and unsatisfying.

  3. I'm sure after a revenge or OOS throw if you dodge towards them and stop for a brief moment you can get a full heavy off

  4. The only reliable way to get off damage while in revenge with PK is to perform a dodge heavy, which nets her less damage than a raw heavy into light. It also just makes her feel clunky to play as every other hero in the game gets a confirmed raw heavy when they unbalance an opponent.

  5. Having the same problem and my friend also had the same issue. He had to reinstall the game to get rid of this bug. Very frustrating.

  6. Your lawbro looks like a flamin hot cheeto.

  7. I love the dunk at the end. Perfection.

  8. That you should be in the knight faction, traitor.

  9. I miss them too, honestly. I also really liked his combo wind-up heavies they removed from his first TG.

  10. Lmao, i have everyone at rep 10 minimum except Meh-jay too. Lets both agree to keep it that way.

  11. I pay attention to animations rather than indicators and practiced trying to hit my heavy button at the exact moment i switch guards. In my opinion, if you can block lights reliably with practice you will start to parry them.

  12. I've been noticing way more dropped parries, block attempts, and crushing counters lately. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

  13. Ineresting looking Warden. I'm rep 67 myself, almost there!

  14. Any of the salt emotes. But mainly the knight ones.

  15. Thank yall. Mad annoying kind of because I've never developed that habit with any other hero and I'm rep like 230 but...yeah

  16. Trust me. It's really fun and rewarding once you get it down.

  17. I made the hylian shield all the way back during the open beta and have stuck with the same design since.

  18. Incredibilis mans charged punch into pin.

  19. I'm guessing you really like the color blue.

  20. don't we have 4 exectuion slots already? you hold GB or Emote for the second execution

  21. I think he means 4 additional execution slots.

  22. Nah I mean 4 slots total. I guess it’s already a thing?

  23. Yeah, you already get 4 execution slots total.

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