1. I remember playing with my brother when we were kids and this death screen appeared

  2. Bitcoin is crypto in the technical sense, is the first cryptocurrency. But nowdays "crypto" is used by scammers as a marketing buzzword trying to sell their centralized coin, so Bitcoin is not "crypto".

  3. Porra cara, eu só quero gosta de algo sem que a fandom seja uma escória nesse planeta 😥

  4. Careful, most people can't understand sarcasm and irony 😂

  5. Because it’s never happened before. All models were ranged from the low of the bear market, upto the ath, then the low of the next bear market. Historically, the low of the second bear market had never gone below the previous ath. So, the fact that this has now happened breaks all models based on this low > ath > low.

  6. There will always be things that never happened before to Bitcoin.

  7. I like how it didn't include BTC for comparison lol

  8. You're so young trying to accomplish things that probably take many many years. They are not impossible, but they require effort and patience.

  9. I'm not saying that they are safe, they are just less involved with all this crazy fraud that is happening. I always withdraw my btc.

  10. I like how you combo'd GPT and Dalle 👍in GPT, do you feed it a starter prompt? Maybe it's the title and I'm clueless lol

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