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  1. Second time for me in my lifetime. Well, the very first time I had a friend who bought it from someone she knew. She took my money and met him and came back and gave me a gram of rock salt lmao.

  2. 😂I don’t judge and I don’t hate, but as long as I have money, I’ll just pay for it instead.

  3. Yessir, never tried it. But I’m definitely intrigued by the culture.

  4. My dose lasts me over 24 hours, and i can usually skip 1-2 days before feeling any type of withdraw coming on and when it does it will start with the sneezies.

  5. Sounds to me the meth road might not be a route that you want to take...do yourself a favor and turn around.. having an addiction of any kind isn't one for keeps. Nobody enjoys a ball and chain that is forever getting heavier.

  6. Really looking forward to returning to this reality if/when Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

  7. I am catholic and 100% in favor of legal abortion. Just because I wouldn’t have one myself does not mean I believe the service should be kept from women who may need it . Cause come on, the alternative is completely barbaric.

  8. Yes! I find this to be a huge problem cause not everyone has $40 to $60 dollars for a hoop and the newer hooping scene tends to not be very inclusive to the financially challenged lol.

  9. I am so sorry that happened to you! Locking your keys in the car is THE WORST. Clinics definitely need better dosing hours. I hope you're okay today and get to the clinic no problem tomorrow. There are great people out there, especially when you least expect it!

  10. There is a clinic in my city that has hours 530am-8pm ! No lie. I was legit floored when i heard about it. More clinics need to take notes from them .

  11. I've heard that some people take the placement of the signature into account with their readings.

  12. I don't really have much more to say. When I was in college a guy was trying to sell me on himself. I never looked into his claim that the signatures meant anything because he also tried to tell me that he was psychic, but 'gaslighting' is what the kids would call it today.

  13. It’s actually extremely dangerous to keep anything over 9mg and since you said you’ve got the 10mg pills we will need for you to send them to our offices for immediate burrrrrrrrp disposal, yeah. Tell him if he wants we can send him a Home Depot gift card we got when we stole those pressure washer parts and returned them to the other store. Shit no don’t type all that. Anyways, the address is as follows.

  14. the initial rush is basically why I do the shot in the 1st place haha, the ongoing high is just a bonus

  15. I’m going through this situation with a dog who is sadly towards the end of his time. My vet taught me to put his daily meds in a pill pocket, add water to soften the pill pocket, shape it as a cylinder, and place it towards the back of the mouth. It is difficult as I’m literally shoving the meds down his throat each morning, but it given me a few months to keep him in relatively good health.

  16. A pill pocket? Could u tell me a little more about this pill pocket ? Where do you get them ?

  17. Try different things to hide the food in. Smellier the better. Hot dogs, liver, pate, squeezy cheese (not too much - you could always crush the tablet and mix them). May not be gold standard but if you can get the meds in then that's good

  18. Came back to say I just tried liverworts...and it worked! If i could upvote this more than once i would . Thank you so much!

  19. I didn’t really know that having your stuff destroyed was abuse but that was my childhood too, except it was my dad who liked to do that and my mom that would allow it.

  20. When i was a little girl the “discipline “ I remember my mom passively allowed my father to give me makes my jaw drop 40 years later and will always have me asking the question “how could she be ok with that? “

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