1. She did dodge a bullet there as well as a knife.

  2. Because he told them a story and they started attacking her without getting both sides.

  3. I don't understand why he had to tell anyone about it at all. Other than calling the cops, you don't have to mention it to anyone. I get that he wanted to vent, but no need to broadcast it the way he did - and lie about it because he felt like he had to mention it at all all!

  4. He wanted to vent and throw a tantrum and punish his gf for "emasculating" him and the only way he could do that and not be embarrassed, was to make her into a psychotic asshole with a lie.

  5. The race play is problematic in and of itself, but could be the product of thoughtlessness and ignorance. The fact that she said no to something sexual and that wasn't the end of it, that he persisted with pressure and manipulation to try and force her to do it screams warnings.

  6. It's not insecure to be upset your wife is actively pining for her ex.

  7. It's insecure to think that mentioning someone in a way that isn't actively negative means she's "pining" for them and prefers them over her husband.

  8. Abby laughed and agreed that my feet were gross. (This wasn't particularly hurtful, her tone was playful.)

  9. "We somehow got onto the subject of feet and how we both thought feet were gross and didn't understand how some people liked feet."

  10. Sounds more like the wife is jealous that OOP gets to do the parent/daughter stuff and she doesn't, not that she's jealous on behalf of the child they lost.

  11. I feel like she had a chance to let the bully learn a lesson and chose not to take it. OOP's well within her rights to protect Payton like that, but the bullying probably gets worse after this. Let kids learn lessons before those habits become permanent

  12. Learn the lesson that you can treat people like shit and still get nice things? Great lesson.

  13. OOP seems like an unreliable narrator to me. There is something missing to make the situation this black and white.

  14. So, to recap, an adult potentially groomed and definitely raped a child after that child was allowed to become drunk, and the adults in the situation are blaming the freshly legal but still basically a child child and threatening said child with physical harm. The child who was repeatedly raped and who is 100% the victim in this situation. And no one is talking about holding the adults responsible....... Yeah, NOPE!

  15. Unless they live somewhere the age of consent is 18, there's no rape happening here.

  16. Not all age of consent laws have Romeo and Juliet provisions.

  17. Wow, does OOP have a single bone in his spine or is he fully cartilaginous like a shark? There's zero reason to displace his daughter - just keep the crib in their bedroom until the baby can sleep through the night. But seriously, how far could they possibly have to walk to get to "the other side" of the house? There's no reason his wife can't be left alone with the baby for a few hours while he and Harper do bonding stuff (and he can, in turn, do the same and let his wife get out of the house for her own free time). And I appreciate that the brother feels protective of Harper, but fuck you, you don't get to dictate where my family lives or how my household functions. OOP needs to get a grip.

  18. South Africa? Are there any countries without extradition treaties there? Very troubling.

  19. No, there are no additional countries within the country of South Africa with or without extradition treaties.

  20. Being surrounded by is not the same thing as being within.

  21. YTA First, for letting your FIL get the better of you so you lose your temper. Just don't speak to him if you can't control yourself. Second, because you know the kids have no idea of the family drama and won't be mistreated, but you want to deprive them of family holiday time, because you (understandably) don't like one person who will be there.

  22. How do people like this even function in society? The sheer stupidity and lack of thought for the future is staggering.

  23. I have never, ever heard that before, ever. And, I have managed internships, as well as being department chair over quite a few people. The only no-no is generally only if someone is a direct report of yours, or similar.

  24. And until last month, I'd never heard that there are several species of bees that don't live in colonies and are completely solitary creatures. Doesn't mean it wasn't true the whole time.

  25. Depending on the State the ex could face years in jail and several thousand dollars in fines for distributing revenge porn. Taking back $600 in textbooks she bought and some sheets she paid for and also used is a misdemeanor that might get her a small fine and at worst some community service.

  26. He put his name on the birth certificate, raised the kid, and takes the title of Dad. Blood is the least of what makes you a parent.

  27. Ugh. I'm mad at my wife, so I'll hurt my child. Disgusting.

  28. You are making a judgment call based on the same unreliable narrator that you are discrediting when people disagree with you. You either accept the details as presented as being sufficient to pass judgment or no real judgment can be given. You say the dad was wrong based on his statements and refuse any argument to the contrary because of the unreliability of his statements.

  29. I'm sorry you see everything as black or white. If it were a reasonable argument not based solely on OOP's word as fact, I'd consider it, but even if you take OOP's word as fact, his son was bullied for years and he did nothing about it at any point. Didn't talk to Adam's parents to make him stop, didn't talk to Adam, didn't bar Adam from their home, didn't talk to the school, didn't pull his kid out of school, didn't even get him fucking therapy to deal with his resulting anger. If you don't think that's wrong, I dunno what to tell you.

  30. I said absolutely none of that. All I said is you are basing your judgment of OOP on OOP's narrative while telling others they are wrong to base their judgments on that same narrative because it's unreliable when they rely on it but apparently reliable enough for you to use.

  31. No, I'm not disagreeing with them basing judgements off OOP's narrative. I'm disagreeing with them for making the single judgement that OOP is a reliable narrator and believing everything he says is factually what happened as stated.

  32. It’s the knowledge that there is a 100% chance of spider and that if it comes near me no one will kill it for me since it’s a pet. I would be too terrified that the second I step out of line according to this new step sibling that I’d wake up with said spider on my face. I wouldn’t be able to function in the house as I’d be constantly terrified. I’d be too afraid to even answer what I want for dinner for fear of a vindictive sibling if they happen to dislike a food I like. I’d also be scared I’d get in trouble if it was on me and I panicked a killed it. There would just be too many risk factors for me to feel safe living in that home but also I would not risk angering my new sibling by taking away their beloved pet if I have the option.

  33. Somehow, not surprising that a person who told their kid they should give up a living thing they love and are responsible for so "everyone can be happy" was willing to just let their kid move out so "everyone can be happy".

  34. Damn all that and then "I'll never forgive you." I hope he can since that's what OOP claims to want. I was rooting for them at the end. You can't really have a real relationship with someone when there's a big ugly "I'll never forgive what you did to me" sitting right at the middle. Family therapy should help sort out whether forgiveness is possible or if they should maintain some distance. It's understandable either way.

  35. The mom was still alive when he moved out. She died when he was 17 (four years ago, he's 21 now).

  36. I don’t this it’s about vanity. I think the photos are her way of preserving memories. She want the photo be good quality, that is different from vanity.

  37. As I said before, i took that to mean the quality of the photos. It makes a big difference.

  38. So, you don't have a different word for something that's about how everyone looks, so you're feigning belief that's not what she meant. Okay. Have a nice day.

  39. I'm not. I'm actually not speaking at all. Hopefully you and people like you are far enough away from me that even if I were you wouldn't be able to hear me.

  40. You don't have to audibly vocalize to be speaking.

  41. So, you'll be perma-banning people for the appearance of breaking a rule. Great policy.

  42. This women has restraint. I would have escalated at every turn. If the landlord wasn’t doing anything about him I would make it the landlords problem. No resolution on the laundry? The machines were anonymously vandalized and destroyed. Hallway lights being messed with? Someone removed the light switch and broke all the bulbs. Banging on my door? Someone imbedded shards of metal into it. Threats of violence? Mace to the face. Probably would have made things worse, but I would take satisfaction in both of us burning.

  43. ...you know breaking the bulbs would be giving the guy what he wanted and create a very unsafe environment for you, right?

  44. Firstly, why do you think it's okay to tell someone else you were looking at their nipples? Secondly, why do you think bras are magical nipple suppressing devices?

  45. Firstly, who said that? Secondly, who said that?

  46. You're mocking OP for being annoyed dude felt the need to come over and tell her about her nipples and called her naive, as if she should have expected it, so clearly, you don't condemn dude's act. And you told her to wear a bra, as if that were actually the issue - like her nipples wouldn't have been visible despite the bra.

  47. What I can't fathom is that she's letting them fucking stay in her house while she couch surfs. Jesus, they say you teach people how to treat you and goddamn if OOP doesn't tell everyone she's fine with being used.

  48. Probably. Or her parents both worked, unintentionally neglecting the kids, and OOP put herself in the caretaker role.

  49. This doesn't read very authentic. She doesn't want to take care of the kid anymore, after six months, because she's... tired? He's six, not two. What is she tired from? Watching him play with his toys and watch youtube videos? Like, obviously, you have to interact with kids (I'm assuming schools were closed, because if not, holy shit what is she tired from?!), but what are you doing together - crossfit? And her first and only solution was to give the kid up for adoption?

  50. From the post, the only time he lied was when he was asked in front of everyone if he would adopt her. And that goes in the same bin of lying as saying yes during a public marriage proposal. Which, historically, has been viewed as the fault of the proposer, not the proposee.

  51. He allowed her to call him dad and think he wanted to be her dad. When you allow someone to believe something about you that isn't true, that's a lie.

  52. Right he’s her step father. And he loves her and takes care of her. But it’s not his kid. This is what’s wrong with feminism. You want to force the guy into adopting some other guys kid even though step dad went above and beyond for step daughter. It’s crazy

  53. That's an incredibly asinine thing to say. Firstly, I never said he needed to adopt the girl or was wrong for not doing so. Secondly, thinking a stepparent who says they love a child and have raised the child for a decade and let that child call them Dad/Mom would want to adopt the kid and being surprised when they don't is not a THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH MEN issue - it's pretty tellingly misogynist that you think it is (I dunno if you know this - stepmothers exist and, yes, do sometimes adopt their stepkids - even though that's just another woman's kid being forced on them 🙄 ). And thirdly, where did he go "above and beyond"? Treating a child well and being a decent, caring human being is what you're supposed to do as a stepparent.

  54. Animals are amazing. My own cat trained herself to help with my PTSD. If she hears me getting upset, she'll come running and obnoxiously beg for attention. She does it when I fight going to bed, too, and will wake me up if I fall asleep at my keyboard, so I'll go to bed properly. She interrupts nightmares, too. It's a shame cats can't be proper service animals.

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