1. How long until they complain that there aren't enough white men in the image.... 🤔

  2. Because I drew it simply in Mastercam, which isn't going to convert into anything printable. I could redraw it in solid works and save a step file, but why duplicate the effort?

  3. Throw in Clinton and Carter.. something tells me even Bush wouldn't side with Trump

  4. Wait till you see a "Must be born on this date or earlier in year XXXX to buy alcohol sign"

  5. Insurance companies are laughing their collective asses off.

  6. After this storm, pretty much the only company left will be the state backed citizens insurance. I'm sure have millions of Floridians on the same insurance carrier will have no ill effects, they will be too big to fail!

  7. I saw E.H at 134 and was like no Bueno, then I saw the quantity 3 and I was like mucho Bueno.

  8. But they knew hurricanes could hit and they still built there, why should I someone who was reasonable and didn't build in a hurricane prone area have to subsides there bad choices? Where is my check?

  9. PROTIP: if you own a gun over a year without negligent discharging at least once, you aren't handling it enough. NDs are a natural part of handling weapons, just like tweaking your back is part of weightlifting and car accidents are part of driving. I ND several times a year because I actually HANDLE and know how to USE my weapons. It makes me a better firearms handler and marksman, and it's a small part of the price you pay in the sheepdog lifestyle Simple fact is, the "safety mentality" will build mental blocks in your head that will get you killed. You need to be comfortable putting your finger on the trigger and pointing the gun wherever you want no matter the time, place, or status of the weapon. Taking time to check whether the gun is loaded whenever you pick one up will serve to make you hesitate in a personal defense scenario. You fucking safety idiots are going to get people killed all because of this fucking "ND" shaming. Guns are inherently dangerous, you need to accept it.

  10. Fuck no, it's a classic on par with Five-seveN pasta.

  11. I have it. It's definitely improved considerably with the latest update. It is getting more confident and got rid of a few annoying habits it had on earlier versions. The progress from where autopilot was 4 years ago from when I bought my car is incredible. 4 more years and it will be dialed.

  12. I'm 100% certain that desantis would not deploy emergency personnel to CA.

  13. This is easy enough to test, did DeSantis send help during the wild fires?

  14. They didn't know the flute existed either, that's the thing.

  15. Not only did he do that on live television dozens of media commentators jumped in to defend him too. As did millions of his fanbase.

  16. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, 7 little words I will never get tired of typing

  17. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left 'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone

  18. Dude it’s a projected 100B storm that’s horrible.

  19. How many casualties are you predicting?

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